March 31, 2023

pink cherry blossoms against a blue and white sky — visibility

March 30, 2023

sun slowly slipping
blinding as I drive towards
the edge of the world

March 29, 2023

we send each other
photos of the night sky
the place where we meet

March 28, 2023

showing through
my tracing paper heart
the shape of the ache

March 27, 2023

when our son was nine
his favorite shirt was too big
he grew into it

March 26, 2023

with a few quick steps
the fox puts us in our place
we are merely guests

March 25, 2023

rain slows to a drip
so the cardinals start up again —
staking their claims

March 24, 2023

across the window
a ladybug's tiny steps
who else is awake?

winter receding
ice leaves behind a new crop
of field stones