November 21, 2021

your voice 
at the end of the day
my favorite blanket

November 20, 2021

music floating skyward
like sparks from a campfire —
backyard drum circle

November 19, 2021

a screech owl's calls
the only sound left after
we shush the neighbors

November 18, 2021

past when we can see
and through the night as well…
golden leaves falling

November 17, 2021

sunlight on frost
a fox walks casually
through the burning bush

November 16, 2021

which ache is this
deepening with the cold?
November losses

November 15, 2021

walk her home again
after she's walked you home
no one wants an ending

November 14, 2021

we open the door
to hear which songs have stayed
this quiet first frost

November 13, 2021

night sky sinking in
bare branches black on blue
something takes over