April 29, 2021

the drop inside me
when the blurry dot resolves
and becomes you

April 28, 2021

almost feeling
like a kiss as they pop
blown soap bubbles

April 27, 2021

we interrupt
our quiet indoor life
for some moon basking

April 26, 2021

pushing on up 
through last year's leaves

April 25, 2021

drawing a pencil
down the edge of a ruler
as my father did

April 24, 2021

why are some plants weeds?
our five year-old neighbor
and her good questions

April 23, 2021

nearly full moon
counting the days 
until immunity

April 22, 2021

dreams of spring
pressed into the pavement 
by last night's rain

April 21, 2021

frost in the forecast
all over town, people praying
for the blossoms