July 22, 2022

a shadow crossed us
we looked up into the blue
and found an eagle

July 21, 2022

she flies away
I feel my heart go with her
yellow swallowtail

July 20, 2022

wisteria tendrils
spanning the space between
their garage and ours

July 19, 2022

now, for the first time,

the black cherry has fruit

birds passing the word

July 16, 2022

watching the jasmine
slowly spiraling upward
teach me to reach

July 15, 2022

water lilies
gathering in rafts of green
a frog tries her song

July 14, 2022

so fresh we can feel
a little sun in each
early tomatoes

July 13, 2022

July 12, 2022

rain again
the edges of dogwood leaves
begin to ripple