March 28, 2024

storm at the windows —
we wait for the birds
to sing the all-clear

March 27, 2024

draw in the circle —
you'll have to come closer, now
for me to hear you

March 26, 2024

spurred to wild growth
by a flickering candle —
forced rhubarb

March 25, 2024

far enough from home
that the day's first bird songs
are unfamiliar

March 24, 2024

how am I still here
planning a run tomorrow
if she is gone?

(for EV)

March 23, 2024

storm in the Catskills —
if we'd stayed one day more
we'd be snowed in now

March 22, 2024

March madness —
underground bamboo ready
to take all the shots

March 21, 2024

just a light dusting
this late-in-the-season snow
un-dimming the world

March 20, 2024

dark-eyed juncos —
just the flash of their tails as
they leave us behind