December 10, 2006

Haiku - Container

Solid in our grasp,
the box of things that matter.
Until all changes.

Hills and drifts of snow

bring us firmly to stillness.
If only briefly.

What contains us now?
Who and what do we contain?
Lines blur in the white.

(Thank you to the women of One Deep Breath
for their continuing inspiration.)


Anonymous said...

That first one is especially true, and very moving. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo and haiku. I like the questions you ask in your third haiku - very thought provoking.

get zapped said...

I really like these! Becca hit it on the nose for me....

SarahJane said...

really lovely series, and yes, a beautiful photo. i like the first haiku most, but they're all good.

paris parfait said...

Fantastic haiku and photo - excellent food for thought!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely thoughts and photo. Number 1 haiku is particularly true.

Anonymous said...

This is simply magnificent, and every stanza sings - I love it all and particularly the third part. Interesting that we are thinking in terms of hands and winter imagery.

Catherine said...

I read these three stanzas as one poem - very lovely.

Anonymous said...

I love
the box of things that matter
--a wonderful way of thinking.