April 13, 2015

private garden
the turned down corners
of her seed catalog

(My friend Rachel Wente-Chaney kindly responded in kind! Thanks, Rachel!)

Shelley in her bed
Seed catalog ink on cheek
Dreams of planting soon

April 11, 2015

keeping score
the spring ant games

begin again

April 10, 2015

tiny frogs
with their perfect morning song
spring, spring, spring!

April 09, 2015

tracing absence
only the scent of pine
where the old tree stood

(HT to S.M.)

April 08, 2015

I send my past self
a note about the garden
let berries ripen

April 07, 2015

slow passion
I gently cover the dough
for the night

April 06, 2015

parched ground cracks
wider than the earth between
she takes in the news