August 10, 2020

last after-eight sunset —
let’s drive to the reservoir
and skinny dip

August 09, 2020

spending long days
in search of shade and shelter —
survival instincts

August 08, 2020

we give up looking
and discover just how much
we were in our way

August 07, 2020

August 06, 2020

goldfinches in flight
their calls like laughter
brighter by the day

August 05, 2020

pandemic stories —
my throat sore from yelling
past the mask

August 04, 2020

hiding in plain sight —
a green heron in the reeds
my father’s alcoholism

August 03, 2020

darker sky ahead

we travel in the same direction

as the storm

August 02, 2020

noisy neighbors

I float a lullaby

over the fence