April 03, 2020

fiddlehead ferns
pushing up into the lawn —
my neighbor steps back

April 02, 2020

quick chats with strangers, 
the stop and start of schoolbuses —
we miss the world

April 01, 2020

one mockingbird
trying on another’s song —
who’s fooling who?

March 31, 2020

two-toned daffodils —
beaten down by the rain and
plotting their return

March 30, 2020

nearing day's end
the sun gives the clouds the slip —
blossoms all aglow

March 29, 2020

bees trading tips
about today’s new blossoms —
their hopeful hum

March 28, 2020

waving sadly
at all the dogs I can’t pet
rainy late March walk

March 27, 2020

a cardinal couple
never more than six feet apart
planning this year’s nest

March 26, 2020

marking time anew
my mother finishes
every book I’ve loaned her