February 28, 2017

too early to be out
too late to go back

at day’s end
still talking about
this morning’s birds

February 27, 2017

honoring blisters
as well as my shoes and feet
walking with Buddha

February 26, 2017

drowsy afternoon
flowers long since gone to seed
our heads nodding too

February 25, 2017

longing to ask her
I ask the fiddleheads for
tips on how it’s done

February 24, 2017

warm spell
we offer to carry in
our neighbor’s groceries

February 23, 2017

garden playing dead
the patience spring requires
not in my nature

February 22, 2017

two bucks bedded down
in piles of last year’s leaves
all eyes and antlers

February 21, 2017

falling snow
even the woodpecker’s day
fills up with quiet

February 20, 2017

we tell our story
to remember more of it —
vines before flowers

February 19, 2017

the cherry tree’s blossoms
still waiting backstage

February 18, 2017

first truly warm day
big sister counting
the baby’s toes

(HT @javonism)

February 17, 2017

five a.m. blackbird
the song of my loneliness
flying away

(HT @salgreenway)

February 16, 2017

blades of grass
freezing in the wind
I lose your number

February 15, 2017

Valentine’s Day
sunlight returning to
his walk home from school

February 14, 2017

mid-winter phone call
the way the space between us
melts away

(for KLS)

February 13, 2017

wrapping myself
in songs from last night’s concert
where is she tonight?

February 12, 2017

February journey
as the temperature drops
we warn each other

February 11, 2017

mountain snow, melting
the clean feeling that comes
alongside your laugh

(for CD)

February 10, 2017

snow moon
all trace of my passing
wiped out by the wind

February 09, 2017

our front window
a mirror so the blue jay
can threaten himself

February 08, 2017

happy to be wrong
the moon I thought was full
bigger still tonight!

February 07, 2017

even half asleep
we know the other is there
the moon behind clouds

February 06, 2017

hold the door open
over crushed and frozen ground
I’ll come back to you

February 05, 2017

that gap in the hedge
still beckoning explorers
the old neighborhood

February 04, 2017

your hand
raised in greeting
my heart still jumps up

February 03, 2017

squirrels giving chase
we argue about
who called who first

(This is pure poetic license, by the way. Everyone knows she called me first.)

February 02, 2017

traveling home
in the mid-winter dark
as frost makes its plans

February 01, 2017

first light
the haiku I wrote
better in my dream