October 31, 2016

late night flyover
the last two geese
still arguing

October 30, 2016

invisible moon
I watch your lips until I
lose your words’ meaning

October 29, 2016

the squirrels and me
running up and down
so busy forgetting

October 28, 2016

thin slice of moon
I teach my fingers
to trace your scar

October 27, 2016

a day without sun
as the rain soaks its way down
into this haiku

October 26, 2016

first pitch
a warbler gets the morning
off to a good start

October 25, 2016

every raindrop
its own origin story
gathering autumn clouds

October 24, 2016

so glad for one picture
that shows the baby

October 23, 2016

around every corner
flowers still hanging on
bent but not broken

October 22, 2016

October 21, 2016

mid-October leaves
suddenly all our walks
have a soundtrack

October 20, 2016

warm spell
zinnias shake off the frost
to come back

October 19, 2016

visiting Grammy
we wonder if this bouquet
might be the last

October 18, 2016

smaller waves
curling back in on themselves
we walk the waterline

October 17, 2016

six long days apart
the bullfrog’s croak sounding
more like a growl

October 16, 2016

October crickets
trying one more time to bounce
their songs off the moon

October 15, 2016

October 14, 2016

October 13, 2016

colder mornings now
fog so thick we lose track
of where we are

October 12, 2016

these birds taking turns
as if by prearrangement
front yard boxwood

October 11, 2016

we leave the quilt
where it was on the bed
smoothed down forever

October 10, 2016

October 08, 2016

bare branches
we turn off the radio
so we can talk

October 07, 2016

again today
spiders not worrying
about tomorrow

October 06, 2016

bulbs in paper bags
coming back around to
growing up again

October 05, 2016

October 04, 2016

deer on the towpath
looking up from their dinner
beautiful brown eyes!

October 03, 2016

October 02, 2016

clouds clearing out
we bring the telescope
up from the basement

October 01, 2016

new calendar page
leaves whispering
their impatience