August 31, 2014

now that we’re parents
we understand about naps
but cannot take one

August 30, 2014

fierce little snake
no matter how wide your mouth
you can’t scare us

August 29, 2014

August 28, 2014

grateful for the breeze
although for different reasons
me and the bridge spiders

August 27, 2014

catching the drips  
my last ice cream cone
of the summer

August 26, 2014

our almost teen
the coyotes on the hill
everyone’s up late

August 25, 2014

lines from their favorite play
learned by heart

August 24, 2014

morning mud
evidence of the rain
I slept right through

August 23, 2014

antique flea market
turning over treasures
to check the tags

August 22, 2014

giving up at last
the boxwood that seemed lovely
under all that snow

August 21, 2014

slow down, summer!
there’s still that whole field of corn
in need of picking

August 20, 2014

lake's edge
a hint of daybreak
becomes a promise

(This haiku was improved by a friendly suggestion from Grace Galton.)

August 19, 2014

the hiss of a swan
as you walk near her nest
threat assessment

August 18, 2014

geese with their one note
old aunts harping on
about our manners

August 17, 2014

sweet distraction
the bright sound of finches
just out of sight

August 16, 2014

counting hops and skips
let's see how long we can keep
these stones from sinking

August 15, 2014

we stay up to hear the owl
one more time

August 14, 2014

having too much fun
to tell the story of it —
short postcard from camp

August 13, 2014

I curse the crows
they slow-flap to the next tree
humoring me

August 12, 2014

paddling out
as the rest of us duck for cover
geese in the rain

August 11, 2014

we swerve from the road,
grind to a stop at the news —
hijacked hearts

(RIP Robin Williams)

August 10, 2014

this lengthening hike
rocks slipping underfoot
as we try to climb

(RIP Mike Brown)

August 09, 2014

summer heat
trying to slow my steps to you
and failing

August 08, 2014

summer camp weeks —
we call from room to room,
mapping the quiet

August 07, 2014

early wake up call
two woodpeckers haggling
over prime eave spots  

August 06, 2014

unclouded moon —
after a day of wandering,
the turn towards home