February 26, 2009

Sodoku for Breakfast!

Sodoku for Breakfast!
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Yes, it's true. A certain someone is now quite capable of doing Sodoku with little if any adult assistance. Whoa.

(PS: Thanks again for the great cookbook stand, Grammy!
Looks like it's also a Sodoku book stand.)

February 25, 2009


I found something that made me smile... figured I'd share it.
(About 4 and a half minutes.)

February 23, 2009

Pancake Breakfast!

Or, if you prefer, the old fashioned slideshow version:

Friends, if you see yourself or a family member in this music video and have an objection to that, please send me a quick email... I like to check w/ folks beforehand, but there are LOTS of people in this one!

Spring Haiku

(Image: Norma Desmond via Flickr)

(Cross-posted at Spring Haiku 2009.)

February 15, 2009

Still Grateful

Last year, in February, I think I posted almost every day. The year before that, too. This year, not so much.

I have been sick, folks. Not one, but two colds, have felled me, and then there was the time taking care of Mr. D when HE had a cold.

But still, the prevailing chord in my heart is one of gratitude. After all, somedays my morning commute looks like this:

And some of my Saturday mornings have happily looked like this:

So even though I slept through most of Valentine's Day, am swamped with "to-do" lists that haven't gotten done, and had to skip Meeting this morning in order to conserve energy for another event this evening, it's all good.

Gratitude. It's good for the soul.

(I'll be emailing out our cyber Valentine
over the course of today and tomorrow,
but you can just scoot over and check it out now,
if you like. And forgive me if I don't email you...
did I mention I'm still a little sick?)

February 06, 2009

That's Weird

Background: Our son and his friends have just started to cross over into the exciting new social territory of self-determination. They can pick up the phone and call a friend; play date planning can start with them! Recently Mr. D's friend Mr. L did just this, resulting in the following interesting conversations:

Mr. L to Mr. D: Can you come over and play?
Mr. D to Mr. L: Yes, I think so, but you should talk to my mom (hands phone to Tama).

Tama to Mr. L: Hi, sweetie, thanks for calling us. I don't actually know what Mr. D's schedule is on that day, so could you call back and talk to his other mom later tonight.
Mr. L: Okay.

After both parties hung up, Mr. L turned to his mother, confused. "Why do I have to call back and talk to his mother? I just talked to his mother."

His mom responded, "Well sweetie, remember that in Mr. D's family there are two moms, and it sounds like his other mom is the one who knows what his plans for Friday are."

Mr. L: Oh, that's right. Two moms. And no dad at all?

His mom: Mr. D's family is Mr. D and his two moms.

Mr. L: That's weird. (long pause) Who yells at him?

Mr. L's mom of course immediately ran off to tell her husband.

Our other favorite kid response to Mr. D's two-mom status was the kid who said, "Man, you're lucky. You probably get TWO cookies after school."

Two moms = twice as many snowball targets.

February 02, 2009

Big Debut

We finally figured out how to get Mr. D to sleep in:

Here he is in his competitive wrestling debut. Once we teach him to wash his own wrestling gear, life will be REALLY good! ;-)

As many of you know, we took Mr. D. to almost every sport there was when he was little. I think he hasn't yet seen a polo match, but other than that the bases are well covered. Wrestling was the sport for him from the moment he first saw two big boys on a mat. We're so lucky to have the outstanding PAWS program right here in our town.