February 28, 2015

late February
each night a little colder
the fox curls tighter

February 27, 2015

new to each other
we move forward cautiously
ice-narrowed streets

February 26, 2015

in the background
of an old recording
we hear sounds of spring

February 25, 2015

another snowstorm
our world newly in need
of navigating

February 24, 2015

black ice in sun
cleverly disguised
as nothing at all

February 23, 2015

ice-crusted snow
and the two of us trying
not to break through it

February 22, 2015

slow meltwater drip
seems all the nudge they needed
midwinter bird song

February 21, 2015

snow at first light
the front yard bunny
gives away his plans

February 20, 2015

the road ahead
obscured by wind-driven snow
eightieth birthday

February 19, 2015

one long hair from
the previous borrower
unintended bookmark

February 18, 2015

I find your secret
in the car’s CD player
Christmas music

February 17, 2015

our son’s wrestling gym
nosebleeds and grins all around
winter’s warm spot

February 16, 2015

ice underfoot
we watch to see who else
feels like stomping

February 15, 2015

the coldest night
I wonder again about
the birds who stayed

February 14, 2015

midwinter night
we move the tissue boxes
around the house

February 13, 2015

loving the shock
on the three year olds’ faces

when you know their songs

February 12, 2015

late spring
mountain stream
first pee of the day

February 11, 2015

this chickadee
I keep trying to show you

has some other plan

February 10, 2015

close enough
that we hear their wingbeats
winter herons

February 09, 2015

when we are open
to ourselves as instruments
what thrilling chords!

February 08, 2015

we turn on our brights
to find only the fog

February 07, 2015

across the frozen lake
my frictionless sled ride
nearest to flight

February 06, 2015

such nonchalance
how do we keep forgetting
the seeds beneath us?

February 05, 2015

learn to look askance
to glimpse the fainter stars
oh, how I miss you!

February 04, 2015

to know a body
although it is not your own
as if it were

February 03, 2015

nervously trading
warnings about the ice
we walk anyway

February 02, 2015

last year’s note
in my winter coat pocket
need cough drops

February 01, 2015

waiting for a storm
we chip away at the ice
left from the last one