July 31, 2015

late July heat
the first time she asked me
not to stop

July 30, 2015

twelve trash bags later
we return to our own home
and close our eyes

July 29, 2015

almost August
the heat of the day lingers
long after dark

July 28, 2015

nearly full moon
we wait to hear news
of the baby’s birth

(for G.D.)

July 27, 2015

late July
harder to tell, now,
which are the goslings

July 26, 2015

just one young deer
standing in the field at dusk
then six, seven... eight!

July 25, 2015

all night
while we sleep unaware
the collapse of stars

Lessons from Camp, 2015

We're back from another fabulous two weeks in one of our favorite spots in the world. Here are some of our takeaways from this year's trip:

Surfers have more fun.

BYOL. (Bring your own library.)

Friendship bracelets will never go out of style.

Appreciate the little things.

Go ahead, splurge a little.

If you hear the dunes calling, listen.

Home is where the tents are!

Thanks to the neighbors who helped keep our little house safe in our absence, 
and to all the friends and loved ones who sent their happy wishes and good weather vibes our way.
A special thanks to the families whose generosity made this version of our annual adventure possible.

For more photos, see the album on Flickr.

If you want to jump into the wayback machine
you can do so by checking out the posts 
from 20142013201220112010200920082007, and 2006.)

July 24, 2015

how slowly
the snake relinquishes
its spot in the road

July 23, 2015

I hold the swing still
so that he can climb on
“all by myself”

July 22, 2015

July 21, 2015

home three days
still tipping beach sand
out of our shoes

July 20, 2015

summer camp drop off
we try to steal enough hugs

to last four weeks

July 19, 2015

giving credit
to the mourning doves
who started my day

July 18, 2015

chasing the sunset
down one too many side streets
I lose my way

July 17, 2015

still thinking about
cornflowers in morning sun

as I fall asleep

July 16, 2015

Pilgrim Lake, the sky
each fiercely holding the light
yet night will still come

July 15, 2015

after surfing
expecting the distant hills
to roll closer

July 14, 2015

this month’s tide chart
our boy’s voice going
deeper by the day

July 13, 2015

as soon as it stops hopping
this tiny toad

July 12, 2015

the night stars we marveled at

are still there today

July 11, 2015

the night stars we marveled at
are still there today

July 10, 2015

choosing this once
to duck under the waves
coming up in sun

July 09, 2015

tiny sand crab
reminding us again
of the worlds we can hold

July 08, 2015

true love
the one time you ride that wave
all the way to shore

July 07, 2015

end of day shower
seaweed clinging to the most

unexpected spots

July 06, 2015

long beach
studded with the blackened pits
of last night’s fires

July 05, 2015

underneath the sounds
of our to-ing and fro-ing
ocean waves

July 04, 2015

so pleased
to have sound a puddle
summer sparrow

Freedom By the Ocean

Yes, it's that time of year again... we hear the ocean (and, in my case, a giant stack of library books) calling our names, and we are outta here! 

We would love it if you sent us snailmail at camp! (Last year we got a bunch of mail and it was SO GREAT.) If you're reading this between July 4th and July 12th or so, this is your big chance to make our day at camp.
Send a little note to:
Riendeau-Krause campers, site 35-C
c/o North of Highland Campground
52 Head of the Meadow Road
P.O. Box 297
North Truro, MA 02652-0297

If you'd prefer, you can call the camp and ask them to leave us a note on the camp message board, which is also a big thrill. That number (good from July 6th through the 17th or so) is 508/ 487-1191, and office hours are pretty much all day with the exception of meal breaks from noon-1pm and again from 6-7pm.

Even if you don't have a chance to send a message our way, we know we can count on you to send warm and sunny thoughts... right? And a special thanks to the excellent neighbors who are keeping watch on our little house until we get back.

July 03, 2015

summer ritual
we forget the special spots
we were so sure of

July 02, 2015

cloud-filled sky  
we bring back home the gifts
that we once gave her

July 01, 2015

one glide upward
and I start to believe
cobra pose

(For S. S.)