March 31, 2015

earliest spring
she dips the tip of her brush
into green

March 30, 2015

at ocean’s edge
shore birds tracing
each wave as it goes

March 29, 2015

predictable flood
at the spot where the road dips

elderly parents

March 28, 2015

that last layer
of ice finally melted
first grandchild

March 27, 2015

is this how I am?
watching tiny oak seedlings
unfurl in the sun

March 26, 2015

when the song is done
she compliments his teacher
not there, yet present

(for M.S.)

March 25, 2015

March 24, 2015

the last melting snow
I let myself look back
at baby pictures

March 23, 2015

we wake the baby
so that he, too, can hear
the great horned owl

March 22, 2015

cold weather baking
my plan to leave the oven
open afterwards

March 21, 2015

at tonight’s party
the cat had her own mission
eye on the bathroom

(for S.W.)

March 20, 2015

kitchen calendar
lying to us as the snow
begins to stick

the first day of spring
just as invisible
as tonight’s new moon

March 19, 2015

racing to finish
before the return-by date
borrowed treasures

March 18, 2015

March 17, 2015

we agree to meet
will watching for each other
keep the dusk at bay?

March 16, 2015

carefully stacking
logs in the fireplace
weekly phone call home

March 15, 2015

oh, frontyard bunny
your feet feeling grass again
after all that snow!

March 14, 2015

that floating feeling
after a full day of rain
French onion soup

March 13, 2015

my son’s feet
suddenly bigger than mine
I straighten my back

March 12, 2015

the smell of wrestling gives way
to that of shampoo

March 11, 2015

at the doctor’s
filling in history while
leaving some blanks blank

March 10, 2015

a bit sore today
these muscles I use
to hold back tears

March 09, 2015

eighty-first birthday
she lets the downstairs plants die
a natural death

March 08, 2015

maple sap in March
that girl you’ve been smiling at
seems to smile back

March 07, 2015

a lobster tries out
for the part of ogre
our son’s first nightmare

March 06, 2015

winter doubletake
today’s second snowfall
comes from the trees

March 05, 2015

sick day cooking
when even cracking eggs
becomes a triumph

March 04, 2015

our oddities
became art worth cherishing
twenty-two years on

March 03, 2015

on the occasion
of the season’s eighth snowstorm
dress is casual

March 02, 2015

the world’s rough edges
obscured by gleaming snow
we stand still, blinking

March 01, 2015

winter oasis
a mug of hot chocolate
steaming my glasses