May 12, 2004

We Have a Winner!

After confirming with TCNJ and the other independent school that any offer they would make would be substantially inferior to the standing offer from the independent K12 school (either because it would come much later in the summer or leave me much less time with my family once I took the job), I drove on up to the K12 independent school to hand-deliver my contract to the folks in the Upper School Administration Office. (My little sidekick came with me and charmed everyone he met, as usual.) I'll work the days I want to work this summer, get an iBook and a parking space, and they'll help with both the finding and financing of care for Mr. D during the last week in August.

I am so pleased and grateful. Thank you to the squillionth power to everyone who hung in there with me, passed along leads, served as a referee, and just generally helped me keep my chin up.

Not sure what I'll be doing, blogwise, from here on out, but of course will keep you in the loop!

May 07, 2004

The Homestretch

I tried to call folks at George & TCNJ today to let them know that I have what looks like a pretty good offer in hand...ended up having to leave voicemail messages in both cases. Meanwhile, the contract from Prep arrived and looks pretty good... if I get the Head of school there to agree to a few more things, it's going to be very hard to beat.

May 04, 2004

Thanks for the phone manners, Mom!

Most of my adult life I've been teased at some level or another for my extra-polite (by what passes for standards in these ultra-casual days) phone manners. I always answer the phone by saying, "Hello, [my full name] speaking," or sometimes, "Hi, this is Shelley."

Well today was one of those days that I was grateful to my mom for drumming that into me, because the phonecall that came just as D and I were sitting down to pre-nap books was from the Head at the independent K12 school! After my dependably professional greeting, I was able to manage a "Could I call you back in a few minutes? I'm just about to put my son down for his nap."

No problem. So I finished reading Green Eggs and Ham (which holds up remarkably well over multiple readings, unlike, for example, The Mouse About the House, which I have taking to hiding because I can't stand the thought of reading it again). But I digress. I finished storytime, tucked D. in, and spent about 10 minutes writing myself some notes so that I could remember everything I wanted to mention in our conversation if it was of the job offer variety.

Which it WAS!

There are still a few loose ends to tie down, mostly relating to benefits, but negotiations are definitely underway, and the K12 independent school should be sending me a contract for review in just a few days. Now the other indepdent school & TCNJ REALLY need to get their acts together. I'm trying to stay "in the moment" until things have settled out. But I'll confess to fantasizing about going on a Lands End work clothes spree. Whee!

May 03, 2004

Consider Yourselves Notified

Talked to my contacts at TCNJ and the other independent school today to let them know I think there's a good chance that an offer may be working its way towards me... now we'll see if either of them can pull an offer together in a timely fashion....