October 31, 2017

October 30, 2017

streets getting ready,
every sidewalk a stage
Hallowe’en eve

October 29, 2017

taking her name
out of my address book
first frost of many

for C.R., in memoriam

October 28, 2017

all the words you said
slipping through even as I try
moonlight, here and not

for C.R., in memoriam

October 27, 2017

warming autumn sun
seeming somehow obscene now
death reframes the day

for C.R., in memoriam

October 26, 2017

clouds parting
to show only more clouds
late October

for A.T., in solidarity

October 25, 2017

as you walk away
I write you into the credits
home movie

October 24, 2017

late night walk
the fog somehow always
further down the road

October 23, 2017

my father’s birthday
all day long, imagining 
him as a baby

October 22, 2017

deer drifting closer
to each other as we pass
my niece comes home

October 21, 2017

morning light
those first few seconds
of forgetting

for C.R., in memoriam

October 20, 2017

quick brush of her lips
against the back of my neck
waxing crescent moon

October 19, 2017

gaps amongst the leaves
I carry my blanket
around with me

October 18, 2017

fleeting hawk shadow
our back yard garden
has never been this still

October 17, 2017

even your outline
calls me back to myself
trees against the night sky

October 16, 2017

out of shape
no matter how fast I am
this fruit fly is faster

mist turning to rain
the feeling of her absence

for C.R., in memoriam

October 14, 2017

the wind falls away
when was the last time
I heard her voice?

for C.R., in memoriam

October 13, 2017

again and again
we gasp at the sweet sight
of each other

October 12, 2017

walnuts all balled up
as if to invite my kick
the moon keeps rolling

October 11, 2017

cupping my hands
around the mayfly
gentle meets gentle

October 10, 2017

caught watching the creek
as the leaves snag and spin
early October

October 09, 2017

re-weaving patterns
noticing things as you would
all these years later

October 08, 2017

October 07, 2017

after the hurricane
sparrows too tired to fly
all we can do is look

October 06, 2017

the last train whistle
anyone who isn’t home
can’t get there now

October 05, 2017

forgetting the names
of the flowers you planted
no one to ask, now

October 04, 2017

this not-quite-full moon
plenty of light to see
the faces we miss

October 03, 2017

maybe this firefly
was the last one of the year
practicing good-bye

October 02, 2017

deer in the moonlight
younger ones lagging behind
we know the feeling

October 01, 2017

our silence
full of something going on  
starlight between trees