June 30, 2018

last night of Pride month —
we stand under the street light
slowly kissing

June 29, 2018

swerving to avoid
the dead bird in the road —
turn the radio off, too

June 28, 2018

boys in the basement —
their happy laughter
bounding up the stairs

June 27, 2018

perfect timing —
a salted breeze announces
the long journey’s end

June 26, 2018

on this day we made
our rainbow flags into capes
and rode bikes to town

June 25, 2018

a bright flash of red
as the cardinal checks in
with his mate

June 24, 2018

roadside edge blur
resolving into a turtle’s 
intricate shell

June 23, 2018

don’t scold me, robin —
I have lost my way and am

feeling my way home

June 22, 2018

cooler nights —
we remember open windows
from our childhoods

June 21, 2018

the first time
she called me friend —
summer solstice

June 20, 2018

drops so far apart
we question if they’re even rain —
closer, come closer

June 19, 2018

so many fireflies!
we stretch out our hands,
the stars within reach

June 18, 2018

a sudden chill
as the thunder rumbles in —
he calls the hospice

June 17, 2018

all the things we’ll do
to get the baby to smile —
summer sun

June 16, 2018

morning visitor —
I forget to offer tea
you forget to mind

June 15, 2018

slowing my step
clamoring for their next meal
a nestful of beaks

June 14, 2018

every doorway
leaking its own light
as we stumble home

June 13, 2018

strawberry season —
the juice of last year’s fruit
staining our baskets

June 12, 2018

the look we give each other —
coming out again

June 11, 2018

the clearest night yet —
our dog sighs and circles
ignoring the stars

June 10, 2018

puddle-bathing wren
happy for all these choices —
I try to see it her way

June 09, 2018

deer at dusk
working their way through clover —
my father’s calendar

June 08, 2018

his “special rock” collection —
graduation eve

June 07, 2018

honeysuckle days —
clouds, then finally sun again
our long-entwined lives

June 06, 2018

the deer and I
trading start for startle — 
two hearts drumming

June 05, 2018

eyes remembering
what summer feels like —
a goldfinch! a firefly!

June 04, 2018

at last, the air changed,
became companionable —
the earth took a breath

June 03, 2018

hearing rain approach
as it beats down the peonies —
I call my father

June 02, 2018

not ready for flight —
a just-hatched bird reduced to
ants on the sidewalk

June 01, 2018

nesting geese
standing their ground although
I ask them to share