April 30, 2017

light jumping up
even from puddles and ponds
last hospital day

April 29, 2017

out of the fog
small quiet bodies that
someone saw too late

April 28, 2017

silence deepening
the way snow does overnight

the little egret

(inspired by this tweet from @goshawk2)

April 27, 2017

shake of thunder
we hold our breath, waiting...
will it wake the baby?

April 26, 2017

pink cherry blossoms
huddled together
in the gutter

April 25, 2017

ladybugs just now
remembering their wings
warm April days

April 24, 2017

growing season —
my eyes seek the horizon
after weeding

April 23, 2017

mountain run-off
the last of the winter’s snow
now turned to blossoms

April 22, 2017

across the fence
wisteria and lilac
wave a shy hello

April 21, 2017

warmer spring days
bringing the return of ants
and my vicious side

April 20, 2017

we stand here watching
the dust above the road
coming, or going?

April 19, 2017

April 18, 2017

closet floor cobweb
my almost-forgotten sandals
right where I left them

April 17, 2017

my world focused on the point
of a knife

April 16, 2017

why does lying down
make the stars seem closer?
first warm night of spring

April 15, 2017

brush old lines aside
start over with tonight’s stars
draw some new stories

April 14, 2017

dandelion roots
deeper than I remember
my small pile of stars

April 13, 2017

the sun, here to stay
my love finds her way up
from anesthesia

April 12, 2017

at the fog’s edge
a pair of geese planning
for their best nest yet

April 11, 2017

still in the cupboard
the special orange tea
she would have asked for

April 10, 2017

first morning of frost
wanting the spell unbroken
we linger inside

April 09, 2017

clouds beyond the hills
drawing down the dark
woodcocks in the shadows

April 08, 2017

these sunflowers
and their steady seeking
do you miss me, still?

April 07, 2017

I let my fingers trail
over the side of the day —
pale winter grass

April 06, 2017

treasured emptiness
before I open my eyes
and the tide rolls in

April 05, 2017

wind on water lilies
feeling the way you’ll move
before I see you

April 04, 2017

kitchen table fight
counting the seconds between
lightning and thunder

April 03, 2017

all day
looking for blossoms
my eyes find the moon

April 02, 2017

how effortlessly
the robin’s running hop
turns to flight!

April 01, 2017

here comes the sun
flooded roads blooming
with tree shadows