February 29, 2016

February 28, 2016

Canal Road
with its edging of mud
we bring some home

February 27, 2016

rumbling thunder
as if the first green shoots
need to be wakened

February 26, 2016

late afternoon light
for the first time in months
not just bright, but warm

February 25, 2016

swampwater rising
‘til it’s level with the road
we cross an old line

February 24, 2016

restless night
every dream’s story line
shot through with rain

February 23, 2016

late February
my neighbor’s dog
finds last year’s stick

February 22, 2016

taller geese, now
as the urge to nest wells up
they look beyond us

February 21, 2016

birds on the wires
I’ve forgotten how to use
my abacus

February 20, 2016

the lake ice melts
enough for the mallard

to rinse that bright green

February 19, 2016

the feeling of ease
when we travel together
first signs of spring

February 18, 2016

bright morning glare
again I skip the song
that reminds me of you

February 17, 2016

withered leaves
another apology
for not sending news

February 16, 2016

tell me, flood water,
what was the thing I was
meant to learn today?

February 15, 2016

trying to find
the curve of the walkway
under all this snow

February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day —
we try to remember
that this ground will thaw

February 13, 2016

winter oatmeal
our vision briefly blurred
by steam

February 12, 2016

the math of long love
our lives graphed in two parts
before and after

February 11, 2016

tonight’s bitter cold
a whetstone
for the crescent moon

February 10, 2016

yet calm in the knowledge
I could outrun him

February 09, 2016

waking to a world
from a baker’s dream
powdered sugar snow

February 08, 2016

In February,
a zephyr of warmer air —
my apology

February 07, 2016

finding beauty
in the trees’ bare branches —
how long since we’ve spoken?

February 06, 2016

holding her zenith
for just a few moments more
February sun

February 05, 2016

our soaking wet gloves
tell the story —
snowballs before breakfast!

February 04, 2016

picking up speed
down the long hill to sleep
chased by a headache

February 03, 2016

meltwater rising,
fog sinking down to meet it
every line blurs

February 02, 2016

the walk to school
he looks longingly back
at his snow angels

February 01, 2016

our progress slowed
by the snow we piled high
along life’s edges