March 30, 2004

Creative Job-Making 101

Had a good meeting with GG at George today; they're just coming back from break and he's in "just found out a bunch of people are leaving" mode, which could work out well for me. We had a friendly, free-form conversation, I wasn't at all nervous, and I think I managed to hit all of the talking points I had set for myself as goals. Also found out that George School's Diversity Outreach Coordinator is, as Stacy says, "a member of the corporation," which could work to my advantage.

Two of the people who have been helping out in George's Admission office are spouses of teachers who are leaving. They may have a history of using those part-time positions as lures ("we'll even give your partner a little work") to full-time faculty, but at the same time I have to believe that the director would prefer to have someone in there with my level of experience. That plus some teaching could be an exciting combination.

March 19, 2004

Let's Talk

After getting stymied by voicemail all day yesterday, finally got through to GG at George, who confirmed that the head of the school had passed my materials along to him. He seems willing to engage me in a conversation about how my skills might best fit their needs, so that's just what I plan to do. They're on break next week, but he encouraged me to start a round of connect-the-calendars with his secretary and gave me her direct-dial line. Time for a haircut!

March 17, 2004

Add Another Link, Sidebartender!

Got an email today from my friend NN, who informs me that a full-time position is open (will be opening?) at HiTops. Should I learn from Tracy's experience and run screaming from any and all small non-profits? Or...? Think I'll at least sit down and talk with NN about it... right after we get back from snowbirding it in Ft. Pierce!

March 16, 2004

Who's On First?

Connected with the Head and the director of Advancement at George. The Advancement search won't pick back up again for a little while, as they're doing their hiring sequentially rather than all at once. The Head has passed my information along to someone who is responsible for faculty hiring. (?) Will have to follow up with him, too. Meanwhile, the head of the very first school that CS+A referred me to has dropped off the face of the earth, and I'm inclined to just let her stay disappeared. Weird, though.

March 15, 2004

On Her Radar

Finally spoke to the Head of PFS in person today about my goal of returning to work full-time in the fall. She's not sure they'll have any fulltime administrative positions open, but there will certainly be some reconfiguring of responsibilities, and she was at least interested enough to call me back after her drive home to ask me to keep her posted. All I can do is my best, and whatever works out after that is all good.

March 09, 2004

Rehabilitating the Name "George"

Worked on and mailed off cover letters to both the head and the director of advancement at George School today. Checked with two members of the faculty there with whom I've worked in the past, and they both said, "Sure, use my name, I'd be happy to serve as an informal reference." Will follow up with phone calls next week. Just got back from a book reading of Catherine Clinton's new bio of Harriet Tubman at Friends Select, which made me feel again that longing to work in a Quaker environment.

March 05, 2004

Two For Two

Breaking news... the Head of the SECOND school that CS+A referred me to just called. So at the very least we can infer that my cover letter-writing skills are good. :-) The school is in Burlington, further than I would probably want to drive each day, but because it's tiny the Head is used to having to be creative about how to manage his resources. He called me to talk about the possibility of "farming out" some of his college counselling, as the current arrangement, with one of the parents who is also a guidance counsellor in the local high school doing some moonlighting at his school, just isn't working as well as he'd hoped. No firm plans yet, but he may run a few possibilities past his parents + trustees in the coming months and we promised to keep each other posted. I am pleased with how confident I feel, and I think the part-time work at TCNJ is helping with that. Even before my first paycheck, taking on that job is looking like a great decision.

Trading Spaces?

Just back from a trip to Newtown today for an informational interview with PA, who worked at Penn after I did and is now at George School in Development. She is due to give birth to her first child in a month or so, and after that will be leaving George, as her husband has recently taken a position with a start-up in MD. We had a great meeting at George today, had fun talking about all the things we have in common (her sister is gay and has a long-term partner and two kids), and finished up with her introducing me to the head of George's Development Office, who seems like good people and who shares my grandmother's maiden name. At one point PA introduced me to someone by saying, "I'm trying to recruit my replacement." A nice feeling. PA's friend in the office, Alice, has a son who works at Small World Coffee in Princeton who Mr. D has noticed on several occasions because he wears a kerchief over his hair ("Why dat boy have dat on his head?")... I refrained from bursting into an a capella rendition of "It's A Small World After All." But it is. Maybe PA will become a stay-at-home mom as I turn into a development person...

March 04, 2004

That Was Fast!

Got a call from the Head of the school in Pottersville today saying that she "loved" my cover letter and wants to talk to me about the position. I missed the call (was working on tonight's big Alumni Chapter Kick-Off event at TCNJ, which went pretty well if I do say so myself), but got the message and left one on her voicemail. Let the games begin!

March 01, 2004

Get Out the Map

Carney Sandoe + Associates (CS+A) has referred me for two positions in private secondary schools, one in Pottersville, and one in Burlington. I'll save you the trouble of getting out a map: they're both a schlep. But theoretically "doable," if not geographically ideal, so a cover letter & suppporting documents went out to each of them today. The jobs are different, one in admission, one in counseling, so I'm hoping I get to talk with both schools as a part of my ongoing exploration. Meanwhile, I also finally talked to LT, my contact at CS+A, something that RW recommended, causing me to think "Well, yes, of course!" RW also asked how I had "gotten" LT, to which I replied that I have no idea how the folks at CS+A match clients with "matchmakers," maybe it's just geography, maybe it's random, who knows. Still, LT has been doing this about as long as I've been doing admissions, so I feel like I'm in good hands. And PA at George School is a previous client of his, so that's ANOTHER thing we can talk about in our meeting on Friday.