May 31, 2015

found becomes lost
the catbird starts a new nest
and gives us the slip

May 30, 2015

one bluejay, one crow
each insisting the other
quit the highest branch

May 29, 2015

once again this spring
we miss our chance to help
the peonies stand tall

(for Anne)

May 28, 2015

today I can tell
that I ran just far enough
gnats in my nose

May 27, 2015

May 26, 2015

my father checks in
we remember not his words,
but their quaver

May 25, 2015

tucked away
in the hearts of trees
wide open bird beaks

May 24, 2015

crayfish in the creek
leaving a muddy cloud
as they back away

May 23, 2015

startling a rabbit
and feeling in that zigzag
the friction of choice

May 22, 2015

untended gardens
how we miss you,
your flowers and I

(in remembrance of Ann, whose irises we last admired together at about this time last year)

May 21, 2015

May 20, 2015

barn swallows
making a gift of delight
with those long low swoops

May 19, 2015

nesting catbird’s eye
as we peer in past the leaves
looking back at us

May 18, 2015

at day’s end
all that’s left of the fight
my raspy throat

May 17, 2015

tiny grey catbird
singing any song she likes  
yes, your Majesty

May 16, 2015

boys off exploring
until rain drives them back home
evidence of spring

May 15, 2015

mica and quartz flecks
how rich the sun’s light made me
when I was eight!

May 14, 2015

my blanket
bunched down there at my feet —
signs of spring

May 13, 2015

from under her wing
as she gathers them back in
small quacks of comfort

May 12, 2015

more fuzz than feathers,
parents trying to keep track
three new-hatched goslings

May 11, 2015

forwarding address
no matter where they start,
my thoughts turn to you

May 10, 2015

tulips we planted
standing in the quenching rain
with open mouths

May 09, 2015

restless wind
fallen petals swirling
emptying the house

May 08, 2015

the urge to warn
birds upping the volume
as dusk approaches

May 07, 2015

if you looked at the stars
over where you are

May 06, 2015

practicing proud
geese sitting tall
on their nests

May 05, 2015

spring in Baltimore
the dull thud of bees
as they hit the glass

May 04, 2015

waking to the sound
of quarters in the dryer
our teen tries to help

May 03, 2015

I lose her question
in the green of her eyes
one kind of answer

May 02, 2015

May 01, 2015

one tulip
tucked amongst the weeds