February 28, 2018

bits of strewn trash
nests, now
in a bird’s bright eye

February 27, 2018

first signs of spring
bird songs louder even
than my worry

February 26, 2018

early morning tales
how we admire the fox
and her healthy coat!

(HT Abby Notterman)

February 25, 2018

and leftover raindrops
trees dressed in pearls

February 24, 2018

jazz concert
and the walk home afterwards
fly me to the moon

(HT @BrynnStanley)

February 23, 2018

erasing myself
starting from the beginning
once upon a time

February 22, 2018

February 21, 2018

warm spell
sunlight bouncing around
off of our smiles

February 20, 2018

shadows of fish
beneath reflections of leaves
bald cypress

February 19, 2018

ridge line wind
seemingly from everywhere
again I think of you

February 18, 2018

traveling alone
my attention held lightly
by a falling leaf

February 17, 2018

morning run
the deer look on, curious,
not finding danger

February 16, 2018

last light
my memory fills in
the curves of the road

February 15, 2018

one fall
she planted bulbs in secret
and then waited

February 14, 2018

wisteria vines starting
their slow reach for sun

February 13, 2018

alone again this year
her socks a defiant black
Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2018

Milky Way
we tilt our heads back,
catching starlight

February 11, 2018

our nightly walk home
puddles full to overflowing 
with moonlight

February 10, 2018

taking turns on watch
February sliding by
nesting bald eagles

February 09, 2018

leafless branches
I try to remember
the last time we kissed

February 08, 2018

children in snow boots
every frozen puddle

February 07, 2018

yes I should be
sleeping but then again
the stars need seeing

February 06, 2018

familiar enough
that I start to dance
music in my dream

February 05, 2018

hometown radio
trying to change the pronouns
in my head

February 04, 2018

all-day rain
we share an umbrella
love in perfect step

February 03, 2018

slowed, then frozen
two-dimensional still life
winter puddle

February 02, 2018

her grandmother name
whatever the babies could say
was just fine

February 01, 2018

trading yawns
at the end of our day
the owl calls again

downed tree —
his friend from the support group
moves to hospice