March 31, 2019

new colts in the field
learning what legs can do
watch, Mama, watch!

March 30, 2019

the first warm day
we and the birds
remember our songs

March 29, 2019

five days apart
we fold into each other
creasing just so

March 28, 2019

coming back
to my childhood creekbed
finding a fossil

March 27, 2019

March 26, 2019

we had forgotten
California, post-drought

March 25, 2019

a good day’s work
pulling last year’s dead stalks
from the front garden

right on time
with tiny spring-loaded hooves
the year’s first lamb

March 24, 2019

watching the waves
break and reform
jetty seagulls

March 23, 2019

March 22, 2019

more rain
and the high clear notes
of the peepers’ song

March 21, 2019

missing the words
still laughing in the right spots
Nana knows these stories

March 20, 2019

last night’s hole punch moon
replaced by a cloud-smudged glow
my father, fading

March 19, 2019

preparing my heart
to be tender and green
these tiny almost-leaves

March 18, 2019

for the first time
forgetting my gloves
and not minding

March 17, 2019

sunshine in the lake
how I feel when you tell me
your smile was for me

March 16, 2019

the sound of rain
dripping off the roof’s edge
will frog songs be next?

March 15, 2019

showing love
in the way that they do
dogwood trees in spring

March 14, 2019

a sleeping fox
not quite as tightly curled
spring thaw

March 13, 2019

when I go home
to visit my childhood
tall, sheltering trees

March 12, 2019

every day
a little more light
birds sing the story

March 11, 2019

suddenly strewn
at the roots of the maple

March 10, 2019

rain from dawn to dark
even the deer flick their tails
in annoyance

March 09, 2019

children with sticks
crouched at the road’s edge
the call of a creek

March 08, 2019

winter sick day
making the cream of wheat
my mother would have

March 07, 2019

rabbit tracks
in the snow turned to ice
we keep falling through

March 06, 2019

dripping by the door —
everything we wore outside
as snow became rain

March 05, 2019

wet snow bending
every stalk and branch
the nest-makers reconsider

March 04, 2019

his end-of-day greeting
did we get any good mail?
my turn now to ask

March 03, 2019

another day
more questions I would have asked
my father

March 02, 2019

March 01, 2019

we give him maps
and water and directions
we watch him drive away