November 26, 2003

Get Me Rewrite!

Already helpful, FS launched herself into the "can't do this without you" category today by making a terrific editorial suggestion on the copy of my resume I sent to her via email. Terrific!

November 25, 2003

Friends In High Places?

This just in... BC knows the head of one of our local-area private schools. Could come in handy, down the line...

November 24, 2003

Apples In My Future?

Reconnected with RW today after not having spoken with him in a long time. He was very gracious, and we both spoke about the ways in which parenting can change your sense of time and what is achievable. He offered to talk with me about working at his school, and we also want to get the families together at some point. When I mentioned that several friends have asked me if I'd consider teaching, he asked what grade levels I'd be interested in, and I said, "Secondary, I guess," because that's the age level I've had the most experience with. What I should have said, I think, was, "I have no idea! How does one make that determination other than through trial and -- hopefully not too much -- error?"

November 18, 2003

Miss Manners

Finally managed to send out a thank-you note today to FS. Rooting around in my stationery box for the appropriate card made me remember how important this kind of follow-up is; the next time I schedule a meeting with someone, I should mentally schedule the thank-you note as well.

November 15, 2003

Have You Met My Friend....?

Met ES today, the girlfriend of a friend. ES works for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, about which I know little, but at least now I have someone I could start with.

November 09, 2003

Good Food and Good Advice

Had lunch with Quaker friend FS today, after having played "connect-the-calendars" for a few weeks. She shares my fondness for the "right hand gal" spot, so we had a good talk about the advantages of working from that position. She also encouraged me to expand my search to include Rutgers, and swears the commute isn't half bad, especially if you're into books an tape. It was great to talk with someone whose job search experiences are still fresh, and also interesting to talk with her about her first job in NJ, which ended up being a poor fit. Told her that working within a Quaker context might feel like a dream come true; we'll see about that.