May 31, 2014

oohs and ahhs
drifting away with the smoke —

May 30, 2014

all through the morning
my heart pumps apologies
for the door I slammed

May 29, 2014

puddles winking up
at the now-blue sky
did it rain? he asks

May 28, 2014

do you sing? she asks
and we smile at each other
unexpected ease

(in gratitude to Maya Angelou)

May 27, 2014

whose emergency?
sirens sounding closer
now that she’s gone

May 26, 2014

fresh flowing water
touching salty sea once more
sweet Colorado

(inspired by this)

May 25, 2014

the last-second swerve
of a swallow as it swoops
and skims the water

May 24, 2014

in our games back then
the winner was the one who
still had one bite left

May 23, 2014

for a light to follow
in the rain-dark night

May 22, 2014

we try to explain
when words grow thick in our throats
we hold him instead

in memoriam: Liz Gray Erickson

May 21, 2014

early morning itch
remembering last night’s

May 20, 2014

winged seed cases
whirling down in a hurry
to rest in the ferns

May 19, 2014

mid-spring morning
the first peony to bloom
sets an example

May 18, 2014

road ends in swamp —
the difference between
our map and the world

May 17, 2014

our long-fallen tree
still nourishing the garden
these thirty years on

(for my dear friend A.Y.)

May 16, 2014

sudden quiet
as we pass under the bridge
a break in the rain

May 15, 2014

my almost-deaf friend
isn’t sure he’s got it right
I come out again

May 14, 2014

even now
with the light almost gone
a few last bird songs

May 13, 2014

the smell of chalk dust
brings me all the way back to

May 12, 2014

how to convince
the scurrying spider
we’re on the same side

May 11, 2014

each afternoon
the mailbox spider and I
hopeful in our ways

May 10, 2014

azaleas in bloom
bees exchange revisions
to their flight plans

May 09, 2014

the stars at night
slowing down again
to wait for us

May 08, 2014

spring’s grass engine
silent persistent pistons
green and green and green

May 07, 2014

young garden rabbit:
quite sure a jump to the moon
would be do-able

May 06, 2014

with the old tree gone
the sun coaxes a raft
of new blue blossoms

May 05, 2014

I meet the fence
on equal terms and smile,
clambering over

May 04, 2014

the rain circles back
the song in my head all day
is a round

May 03, 2014

we coast down Quarry
with arms flung wide to catch
the feeling of flight

May 02, 2014

there at the window
a little more of the moon
in my mirror, too

May 01, 2014

come on in, she says
in the midst of the downpour
I hear a new note