August 31, 2013

showing off some shine
in this end-of-summer dusk

August 30, 2013

lying in our bed
listening to the crickets
check on each other

August 29, 2013

morning bike ride
past a grate and rushing sounds
of last night's rain

August 28, 2013

fifty years later
my father remembers
a smaller “we” than mine

August 27, 2013

so small, in the end,
to have caused all that fuss
uninvited bat

August 26, 2013

caught in the thistles
at the side of the road
fading smell of skunk

August 25, 2013

sometimes we don’t know
the last time we do something
that it’s the last time

(for M.R.)

August 24, 2013

not understanding
but giving in anyway —
the urge to kneel

August 23, 2013

friendly raccoons
once again checking our trash
for treasure

August 22, 2013

double yellow line —
slowly driving the road
that always floods

August 21, 2013

a glint of summer
caught for a few moments
in the spider’s web

August 20, 2013

August roadside stand —
each of us counting up
how much corn we’ll need

August 19, 2013

the beautiful veer
of a startled jay seeing
its own reflection

(for AMJ)

August 18, 2013

peach season —
ants celebrating the juice
dripping from my arm

Update: My friend Wendy responded by writing a haiku of her own... and the next night she made THIS:

Wow. [wipes drool off keyboard]

August 17, 2013

she wants to show me
the promise of blossoms
before they open

(for T.F.)

August 16, 2013

we know, yet forget —
the squash will take over
our entire yard

August 15, 2013

honeymoon album —
he remembers the pictures
that didn’t come out

(for my parents)

August 14, 2013

just-picked strawberries
how else to imagine
the taste of sunshine?

August 13, 2013

our purple phlox
curved almost to the earth
by this morning’s rain

August 12, 2013

change of season —
the boy moves ahead to lead
the family bike ride

August 11, 2013

the shadows
welcome their monsters home —
cancer’s return

(for I.Z.)

August 10, 2013

opening windows —
welcoming humidity
to hear the crickets

August 09, 2013

instead of songs
she hears the breaths between —

(for my Tante Dorit)

Little D

So you know how in books the pirates' parrots are always hanging out on their shoulders?

Turns out it's a thing.

And look who's home! We are very pleased to welcome Django to our family. And yes, we have thought about this.

August 08, 2013

this moon so new
a note on my calendar
is all I see of it

August 07, 2013

August 06, 2013

late afternoon
flip turns in the lap lane —
I open my eyes

August 05, 2013

watching birds in flight
until they’re too far to see —
the girlfriend who left

August 04, 2013

a pair of cardinals
checking in with each other
across the garden

August 03, 2013

stones we collected
together (for their beauty)
gone dry and plain now

August 02, 2013

bedtime crickets
busily counting something

August 01, 2013

birdsong beginning
just before the clouds
let down their last drops