January 19, 2018

we plan our route
to avoid the icy spots
shine becomes a warning

January 18, 2018

melting ice
soft sounds of shifting
we try again to forgive

January 17, 2018

first bird of the day
singing me from my dream
into morning

January 16, 2018

behind my teeth
the questions I’m not allowed
thicket with thorns

January 15, 2018

lingering pine scent
where the tree stood
Martin Luther King Day

January 14, 2018

second snow day
we add laundry to the list
of work to ignore

January 13, 2018

you sing to yourself
notes finding our floorboard cracks
rise to reach me

January 12, 2018

the end of school break
we stand around trading 
stories and germs

January 11, 2018

wine country
memories of praying
this time we’d drive past

January 10, 2018

January 09, 2018

January 08, 2018

the rush of knowing
you were around the corner
fast running stream

January 07, 2018

cars in the median
telling the story of black ice
while snow drifts on

January 06, 2018

tucked into a bush
like forgotten ornaments
handful of sparrows

January 05, 2018

across the street neighbors
working towards each other
shoveling snow

January 04, 2018

opening and closing
slow beat of butterfly wings
we watch the baby breathe

January 03, 2018

last night’s full moon
on the far side of the sky
snow so cold it squeaks

January 02, 2018

third day of your cough
I make eggs the way you like them
with love folded in

January 01, 2018

morning mist
for a moment, landmarks gone,
I lose who I am