February 29, 2020

after the storm
another storm —
water with nowhere to go

February 28, 2020

mourning doves
calling out to each other —
bringing her ashes home

(for Jaylina)

February 27, 2020

his grandfathers
must be loving this show —
our growing boy

February 26, 2020

little bird eating
her way from seed to seed —
my gaze tags along

(for @angiejoy2)

February 25, 2020

spending my snow day
curled up with seed catalogs —

February 24, 2020

still no snow —
all morning the taste
of your goodbye kiss

February 23, 2020

even more precious —
early blossoms still alive
despite the ice storm

(for Jaylina)

February 22, 2020

we share
bygone blizzard stories
like incantations

February 21, 2020

trees in the cold dark
awaiting spring’s call to arms —
what will you fight for?

February 20, 2020

long winter walk —
our towering shadows
silently hold hands

February 19, 2020

unfolding the map —
we had to hide our love
even from ourselves

February 18, 2020

so many choices
and no lines to wait in —
gourmet store mouse

February 17, 2020

sunlight slanting in —
those precious moments before
you remember she’s gone

(for Jaylina)

February 16, 2020

crashing through
puddle ice with abandon —
winter soundtrack

February 15, 2020

winter hats and gloves
tucked away in boxes —
we watch the sky

February 14, 2020

when time collapses
under the weight of her loss —
how only five days?

February 13, 2020

as we fall asleep
we take comfort in the sound
of each other’s breath

February 12, 2020

trees with snapped-off crowns
writing the storm’s history —
absence’s hard ache

(for Jaylina)

February 11, 2020

in the dream she sat
right down next to me and oh
how I tried to stay!

(for Jaylina)

February 10, 2020

a cloud-covered sky
and still the unseen moon 
trying to break through

February 09, 2020

hurried greetings
flying past each other —
February wind

February 08, 2020

the sun came up
a little earlier today —
snowdrops blooming

February 07, 2020

all these years later —
the magic of knowing
just what you’ll say

February 06, 2020

the front yard bunny
dashes, then doubles back —
and still gets rained on

February 05, 2020

across a damp field
defining the edge of sight —
the fox slips away

February 04, 2020

come to me my love —
let’s go through our tomorrow
all kinds of tired

February 03, 2020

February rain —
my feet sinking down
into sodden ground

February 02, 2020

the snow we wished for
melting into rain
as it falls

February 01, 2020

it seemed that fog
grew thicker as rent came due —
which way was forward?