December 31, 2013

still the old pull,
fifteen calendars later —
her missing mother

(for TK, MKD, and other folks missing loved ones tonight)

December 30, 2013

December 29, 2013

again and again
the water comes back to stand
in the old places

December 28, 2013

their big girl’s birthday —
my parents tell baby stories
one more time

December 27, 2013

winter night —
all through the house the whisper
of pages turning

December 26, 2013

a promise to help
followed by the knowledge —
some things can’t be helped

(for you, SM)

December 25, 2013

on top of the tree —
the memory of the star
we lost in the flood

December 24, 2013

slow down enough and
we can see individual
snowflakes as they fall

December 23, 2013

December 22, 2013

early thaw —
the front yard bunny’s hop
has an extra spring

December 21, 2013

feeling sure at last
that the tide is coming in —
the longest night

December 20, 2013

making up the beds,
preparing for the solstice...
we switch to flannel

December 19, 2013

December 18, 2013

December 17, 2013

tonight’s moon
so full it seems almost
ready to divide

December 16, 2013

seeing it at last —
my profile in my son’s
as he stands to sing

December 15, 2013

starting at the ends
we work towards each other —
driveway shoveling

December 14, 2013

ice on the world
the shimmer and shine of it
beautiful danger

December 13, 2013

mid-December light —
the frayed edges of our days
as they grow shorter

December 12, 2013

just below the dam
the last unfrozen water
gathering geese

December 11, 2013

snow on the dogwood
glimpsed for just a moment
mistaken for blossoms

December 10, 2013

all day we carry
the feeling of the slow glide
before the crash

(for N.D., who thankfully didn’t crash after all)

December 09, 2013

temporary thaw —
the sound of ice releasing
its grip on the roof

December 08, 2013

the pent up pressure
of tears held forcibly back
winter gratitude

December 07, 2013

warming my fingers
by turning biscotti
early December

December 06, 2013

late night rain storm
each puddle its own little
chorus of welcome

December 05, 2013

the whole line of us
ensnared by morning fog
no longer struggling

December 04, 2013

a raccoon
stopped forever by the road
graceful even now

December 03, 2013

a pair of blue gloves
still in your coat pockets
from our last winter

December 02, 2013

he somehow misses
the every-night lullabye
back to square one

December 01, 2013

the beautiful arc
of my sister’s unwanted
pie crust

November 30, 2013

a walk by our creek
after Thanksgiving dinner
the ice just starting

November 29, 2013

Black Friday
moving aside to let
an ambulance scream by

November 28, 2013

even in the dark
the geese calling out
as they fly over

November 27, 2013

I spread my fingers
wide to catch a falling leaf
but it slides on through

November 26, 2013

rainsong on the roof
and then the answering growl
of the basement pump

November 25, 2013

one feather —
slowing down the day with
its iridescence

November 24, 2013

heat inside and out
a cup of hot chocolate
after the bonfire

November 23, 2013

just enough
to see the dark shapes of trees
November moonlight

November 22, 2013

wheelie practice
my job is telling him
how much air he gets

November 21, 2013

colder mornings
the wrens surprised to see me
in the back yard

November 20, 2013

the sweet shock of warmth
in the midst of a cold night
her kiss

November 19, 2013

(From Flickr, used via Creative Commons)

our morning test prep
we head down to the bridge and
skip stones together

(in honor of C.D., on her birthday)

November 18, 2013

late-in-life swimmer —
so proud
of my flip turns

November 17, 2013

(image used via CreativeCommons)

brimming excitement
we stand outside in our socks
to see the moon ring  

November 16, 2013

toasting pumpkin seeds
and remembering the friend
who taught me this trick

November 15, 2013

autumn winds
amidst the clouds a glimpse
of the near-full moon

November 14, 2013

November nights 
suddenly the cold knows how
to pick any lock

November 13, 2013

braced against the cold
and feeling, all day,
driven on the wind

November 12, 2013

November 11, 2013

glimpse of the future 
he stands on the first step for
my welcome home hug

November 10, 2013

no less beautiful
for having been dropped to earth —
still-bright leaves

November 09, 2013

November dusk —
our candles seeming brighter
by the minute

November 08, 2013

one chasing squirrel
just a tail's length 
behind the other

November 07, 2013

brown sugar
melting into oatmeal
magic every time

November 06, 2013

pumpkin carving
in every kitchen
an anxious mother

November 05, 2013

so close overhead
I can hear their wings
November geese

November 04, 2013

looking for socks,
feeling a yawn coming on
shorter days

November 03, 2013

Quaker meeting
this morning’s messages
from the year’s first fire

November 02, 2013

exclaiming over
the ladybug until we
lose it in the sun

November 01, 2013

gone before
we can even describe it
late night fog

October 31, 2013

on my front stoop
sizing each other up
two little Batmen

October 30, 2013

tucked under covers,
feeling a kind of kinship
with the potatoes

October 29, 2013

the oldest cricket
tells of a long ago storm
no one believes her

October 28, 2013

the sweep of its wings
wider even than our gasps
bald eagle

October 27, 2013

unsure of ourselves
we check our locks, our pockets
while the earth waits

October 26, 2013

early leaf raking
I try not to look up at
the ones yet to fall

October 25, 2013

slowing down
to savor the almost-end
of my paperback

October 24, 2013

over and over
my only thought the next hold
as I reach for it

(Dedicated to Veterans Expeditions (@vetexpeditions)

October 23, 2013

the baby book we hid
to avoid reading it
for the thousandth time

October 22, 2013

shorter days
she calls to ask again
when we might visit