April 30, 2019

petals in drifts
where the wind has left them —
the rain waits its turn

April 29, 2019

this spring, too —
wisteria vines
finding their way

April 28, 2019

neat rows of tulips
in open-mouthed shock —
late April snow

April 27, 2019

from two rows up
a young girl’s excited question —
are we in the sky?

April 26, 2019

with more than half their petals
strewn on the ground

April 25, 2019

April 24, 2019

April 23, 2019

weeping cherry trees —
she was planning to see them
one more time

April 22, 2019

after takeoff
the white heron’s feet
dangling through the sky

April 21, 2019

here at my feet
evidence of new life
a broken white shell

April 20, 2019

following the song
back to the bird on the branch —
we stand still, looking

April 19, 2019

long-lived grief —
a few of the daffodils
stay beaten down

April 18, 2019

the first real sun --
we all come back inside
looking for aloe

April 17, 2019

spring morning —
the sound of a neighbor’s broom
sweeping up petals

April 16, 2019

deliberate in their joy —
petal by petal

April 15, 2019

every tree
an instrument of the wind —
time kept by bending

April 14, 2019

trying to find sleep
before the storm starts up —
the sound of ice cubes

April 13, 2019

our gentle surprise —
walking out into the night
and meeting warm air

April 12, 2019

just above our heads
rain falling on the new roof —
the sound of peace

April 11, 2019

early morning light —
the front yard bunny decides
I am not a threat

April 10, 2019

a flash of color
from a red-winged blackbird —
time for summer shirts

April 09, 2019

same old fight —
in the wall, the smell
of something dead

April 08, 2019

each magnolia
in synch with all the others —
buds dripping moonlight

April 07, 2019

warm, sea-salted air —
our boy sees skipping stones
everywhere he looks

April 06, 2019

the coaxing of spring —
birds scouting nesting sites
as we spread mulch

April 05, 2019

our son comes home
full to the brim with story —
we cup our hands

April 04, 2019

we change our route
so the walk takes longer —
magnolia buds

April 03, 2019

in forsythia
we forgot to cut back
the start of a nest

April 02, 2019

another concert
my father would have loved
no moon in sight

April 01, 2019