April 30, 2014

plans coming undone —
our carefully sown seeds
swept away

April 29, 2014

intermittent slaps
as the sky slow-deals a storm
one drop at a time

April 28, 2014

last winter’s snow
racing down the mountain
unstoppable grief

April 27, 2014

flowers we forgot
coming up like lyrics
of childhood songs

April 26, 2014

spring’s first bumblebee
the double shock of it
how large, and how slow!

April 25, 2014

down to the dregs
the swirl of moving again
her shore house condemned

April 24, 2014

untouched, unmoved
tall grass just before the wind

April 23, 2014

even in my dream,
overflowing with sunlight
pear blossoms

April 22, 2014

stepping aside
to decline my offer
fat ladybug

April 21, 2014

April 20, 2014

standing at the door
I tell you again I’m leaving
somewhere a crow laughs

April 19, 2014

cutting dead bamboo
how long
this last winter was!

April 18, 2014

bowed heads
their mute request for water

April 17, 2014

the scent of fresh grass
I close my eyes and pull it
deeper into me

April 16, 2014

feeling the cold air
take its measure of me
spring night

April 15, 2014

no blossoms yet
I promise the pear trees
I’ll check back tomorrow

April 14, 2014

blood moon eclipse
we’ll know it happened because
someone will tell us

April 13, 2014

everywhere I look
deep yellow forsythia
racing to catch up

April 12, 2014

spring cleaning
little debris pyramids
in the corners

April 11, 2014

homesick across years
for my mother’s flowers

April 10, 2014

we talk about the ants
while they compare notes

April 09, 2014

April 08, 2014

I call my old friend
to compare our memories —
dim light at the window

April 07, 2014

spring in the new house
feeling welcomed by flowers
as they surprise us

April 06, 2014

walking in the sun
our two boys pause to read
the dates on headstones

April 05, 2014

the ache in my back
after days of leaning down
the year he was two

April 04, 2014

Go Thou Forth and Buy This Album

Joan Osborne is a consummate artist.

Her new album, Love & Hate, is due for release on April 8th, 
and is available in audio pre-release over on Pandora through the 7th. 

We snagged an early release copy at her live show tonight.

Go pre-order it
Better yet, go see her on tour 
and buy it directly from her.

For serious.

If I know you and you don't love it,
I'll refund every penny.

dawn in the treetops
as I scrape the ice
from my windshield

April 03, 2014

new love
and how she keeps coming up —
the click of trick dice

April 02, 2014

anticipation —
the drain in the floor
of the basement

April 01, 2014

one storm too many
brown where the green should be
the bamboo lets go