January 31, 2017

dark patio stones
where the snow melted first
cardinals passing time

January 30, 2017

New Year’s dumplings
overhead someone stirs
a skyful of stars

January 29, 2017

flirting with themselves
while skimming the horizon
geese above the lake

January 28, 2017

they come
when there is no stopping them
tears and protestors

January 27, 2017

late January
awash with hope for birdsong
I forget my name

January 26, 2017

wind through bare branches
my eye traces the line of you
as you turn to go

January 25, 2017

different this time
straight friends ask where they can buy
a rainbow flag

January 24, 2017

deer in the field
lifting their heads until
the train whistle fades

January 23, 2017

in the end
my letters to her come back
embers in the ash

January 22, 2017

wait here at the edge
for the turning of the tide
you’ll know it by feel

(Shout-out to my friend Erin Lynn Jeffreys Hodges and everyone else who "liked" or shared this haiku.)

January 21, 2017

tires on a wet road
sing the perfect lullaby
we take turns driving

January 20, 2017

her linsensuppe
my hands remember how
if I don’t stop to think

January 19, 2017

hillsides of people
waiting for their fireworks
how slow the sun is!

January 18, 2017

dependable rain
count on us to come inside
talking about it

January 17, 2017

we traded rings
a first step towards becoming
everything we feared

January 16, 2017

morning sun
climbing the hill’s far side
birds sing us the news

January 15, 2017

there are bells ringing
in my memory of her
was it a Sunday?

January 14, 2017

feet not fast enough
to get the kite flying
first love in tatters

January 13, 2017

winter greys and browns
made it easier to spot
early morning fox

January 12, 2017

side by side
turning pages
bedtime butterflies

January 11, 2017

steady all-day rain
the earth rolls over
for a belly rub

January 10, 2017

summer dusk
the hopscotch game no one wants
to end

January 09, 2017

his younger self
wonder and tenderness
coming back in waves

January 08, 2017

cold winter morning
fewer cookies the price we pay
for sneaking raw dough

January 07, 2017

new calendar
filling up these little squares
the planting of seeds

January 06, 2017

on a treasure hunt
for stones with a hole worn through
thanking the glaciers

January 05, 2017

the sound of skate blades
ice finally thick enough
to welcome this prayer

January 04, 2017

even the crow
quiets down for a moment
surveying the frost

January 03, 2017

dusk before the moon
the first day I’ve forgotten
to remember you

January 02, 2017

a friend reminds me
today was a minute longer
I still need my lamp

January 01, 2017

her father’s longing
for the boy she never was
origin story

(for a friend)