January 31, 2020

lifting the corner
of the calendar page —
the small space between

January 30, 2020

the great blue heron
easing back down to the lake —
all skill and splash

January 29, 2020

on its second bounce
reminding me to look up —
abundant moonlight

January 28, 2020

worn from pushing through
we stop to rest together —
late January

January 27, 2020

morning chickadees
keeping count of something
and starting over

January 26, 2020

to our disbelief
death and the sun break through

January 25, 2020

my plan for the day
disappearing into fog —
clouds come down to stay

January 24, 2020

my mother’s hand
pressed against my forehead
sick day memories

January 23, 2020

the sweet weight of years
whenever someone asks us
how long we have been

January 22, 2020

icy morning lake —
the last open water
busy with ducks

January 21, 2020

fading winter light
every crack a place
for fighting the cold

January 20, 2020

crisp at the edges
grandmother’s baking advice
here in the margin

January 19, 2020

longing for
the covered silence of snow
global warming

January 18, 2020

first snowfall
the sad sound of snowplows
scraping it aside

January 17, 2020

warm flannel sheets
and the scent of snow
childhood winters

January 16, 2020

the curving slice
of a hawk cutting the day
before and after

January 15, 2020

I try not to smile
but we both know my fingers
will be cold tonight

January 14, 2020

wiper blades squeaking
as the rain dwindles away
umbrellas wilting

January 13, 2020

wind before the rain
I tell myself
not to chase you

January 12, 2020

days that end early
knowing what it is to hide,
I lift my chin

January 11, 2020

how you look at me
light from the near-full moon
finding its way through clouds

January 10, 2020

baby pictures
remembering his head’s warm curve
as the moon rises

January 09, 2020

thinking of you
now that it’s too late to call —
memory’s limits

January 08, 2020

winter morning —
every step complicated
by invisible ice

January 07, 2020

a small sick boy
sweating under the covers
longing for snow

January 06, 2020

January 05, 2020

paying our bills
writing the new year
until it feels real

January 04, 2020

a little more sun —
birds in the bare branches
singing away

January 03, 2020

slowly filling up
a tossed-aside trash can lid
rain that should be snow

January 02, 2020

all purpose and shine
looking well-pleased with herself —
winter evening fox

January 01, 2020

steaming black eyed peas —
remembering how distant
this year once felt