September 30, 2019

through the window
we opened to cooler air —
a cricket’s chirp

September 29, 2019

wind stirring
the leaves overhead —
mixing paint

September 28, 2019

right onto my hand
and just as quickly off --
a tiny frog

September 27, 2019

here where the river
curves away out of sight —
I save a space for you

September 26, 2019

crisp fallen leaves
crackling underfoot —
I pull you closer

September 25, 2019

September 24, 2019

and a lonely sunflower
unsure of where to turn

September 23, 2019

in the cracks by the door
singing us in and out

September 22, 2019

tucked in deep
past the long grass and brambles —
wild purple asters

September 21, 2019

careening back and forth
between our reading lamps —
the moth that slipped in

September 20, 2019

salty tang of sweat
as we pull the covers up —
cooler nights at last

September 19, 2019

late night piano —
our big boy sings along
on the low notes

September 18, 2019

over the last blossoms —

September 17, 2019

as I turn in 
the old lilac looks tired —
coming back from mom’s 

September 16, 2019

catbird scolding —
I’ve taken the pokeberries
she thought of as hers

September 15, 2019

music under the stars —
strangers pulled together
note by note

September 14, 2019

the sky full of clouds
and the moon we know is there
believe in something

September 13, 2019

too many to count
in the garden’s dark corner
gathered fireflies

September 12, 2019

using evening rain
to scrub behind her ears —
front yard bunny

September 11, 2019

a cloudless sky
and the sound of rumbling —
fear’s long shadow

September 10, 2019

early autumn —
the moon comes back
for another look

September 09, 2019

late summer moonlight —
I can see all the way back
to our first kiss

September 08, 2019

so much happier
after last night’s watering —
rudbeckia in sun

September 07, 2019

lighter now
after a summer’s worth of sun —
our favorite fox

September 06, 2019

first fall practice —
geese in a low “v”
inches above the lake

September 05, 2019

my father’s advice —
I watch the waves and the leaves
and the wind shows herself

September 04, 2019

falling acorns —
the front yard bunny and I 
jump at the same time

September 03, 2019

birthday dinner —
still seeing his baby face
now with grownup eyes

September 02, 2019

Labor Day potluck —
someone asks about dessert
and I look at you

September 01, 2019

morning sun 
caught dancing for a moment
in an empty vase