May 31, 2019

at last a cloudless night —
we look across, then out,
hearts full of longing

May 30, 2019

watch this, look at me! —
all up and down the block
kids and their new tricks

May 29, 2019

hail and hard rain
bouncing off of everything
as you sink in

May 28, 2019

not a sound and yet —
heat lighting to fireflies,
call and response

May 27, 2019

foggy through the pass —
as we climb up and over
our vision extends

May 26, 2019

while we are sleeping
bamboo makes its move

May 25, 2019

peonies and mint —
spontaneous late night tea
with a friend

May 24, 2019

beneath the birdsong
I feel myself listening
for the sound of her step

May 23, 2019

May 22, 2019

summer peeks in —
we leave the window open,
kick off the blankets

May 21, 2019

their petals unfurled
irises at the garden’s edge
yearning and leaning

May 20, 2019

less inviting now —
the prospect of sleep
while she’s away

May 19, 2019

fiddlehead ferns
fiercely working their way up
through patio cracks

May 18, 2019

a girl who looks like you —
far overhead, the full moon
keeps tugging away

May 17, 2019

a kind of sweet dream
that comes flickering back —
our long shared past

May 16, 2019

flattened circles
where the deer lay dreaming
amidst iris stalks

May 15, 2019

a tree we have loved
did not survive the winter
after all

May 14, 2019

a pause in the rain —
we pop outside
to cheer on the rhodedendron

(Hat tip to @sassafrasMama... this was basically a "found" haiku.

May 13, 2019

in every puddle
crumpled azalea blossoms —
just yesterday

May 12, 2019

cloud-covered moon —
we compare notes
on the rain

May 11, 2019

May 10, 2019

front yard bunny —
convinced that all the clover
is here for her

May 09, 2019

already empty —
the nest by the back door
we tiptoed around

May 08, 2019

Ramadan moon —
there when we see it and also
when we don’t

May 07, 2019

thunder’s slow roll —
thinking back to when I knew
I wanted to kiss her

May 06, 2019

the entire sky
uninterrupted blue —
birds singing it full

May 05, 2019

more cold and rain —
a soggy blue jay shifts
from foot to foot

May 04, 2019

after the rain
moonlight turning wet grass
to shining spears

May 03, 2019

two girls invite
handfuls of cherry petals
to rest in their hair

May 02, 2019

azaleas in spring —
I bend down to kiss her neck
just because I can

May 01, 2019

maple leaves working out
where the sun is now