August 31, 2019

late summer moonlight
and the feeling that a fox
was here a minute ago

August 30, 2019

we rip out the ivy
but it always finds a way —
last days of summer

August 29, 2019

I look to the sky
to avoid truly seeing
huddled death at my feet

August 28, 2019

rain starting softly —
every friend I think of
it’s too late to call

August 27, 2019

open the windows —
the trees are gently laden
with sleeping birds

August 26, 2019

owner's manual 
my father's marginalia
the last of his voice

(ht: TF)

August 25, 2019

late summer flowers
with their silent refrain —
it’s never too late

August 24, 2019

appreciation —
getting ready for bed
such summer sweetness

August 23, 2019

weekday Meetinghouse —
a different feeling
to the silence

August 22, 2019

I see you seeing me
and lose count of my laps
flip turns at the pool

August 21, 2019

last days of summer —
we cut the old lilac
all the way back

August 20, 2019

cricket choir —
each night’s song
a little quieter

August 19, 2019

slipping in sideways —
we try to leave the moths

August 18, 2019

August 17, 2019

not knowing how
to tell weeds from flowers —
we let it all grow

August 16, 2019

learning to whistle —
the sound of an old rulebook
run through a shredder

August 15, 2019

passing each other
where the road narrows —
only our eyes meet

August 14, 2019

light from a full moon —
reflecting on a day spent 
sneaking peeks at you

August 13, 2019

August 12, 2019

the geese mothers
count their goslings again —
misty morning lake

August 11, 2019

faintest of stars —
from the corner of my eye
I think I catch you

wisteria tendrils
curling back on themselves —
mother’s quiet home

August 09, 2019

late summer sun —
the scent of our boy’s cologne
even after he’s left

August 08, 2019

still dripping —
the long curves of flower stalks
bowed by the rain

August 07, 2019

shelter in place —
birds huddled together
amidst flood warnings

August 06, 2019

leave the dead branches
because the birds like them —
make room for me. too

August 05, 2019

summer vacation —
the birds start their songs
a little early

August 04, 2019

vacation photos —
for just a moment I see
my smile in our boy’s

August 03, 2019

heat lightning —
the crickets work to get
their songs synched up

August 02, 2019

a lone buck at dawn —
staring at me until I
am the one out of place

August 01, 2019

in partnership —
wisteria and rooftop rain
growing up, flowing down