June 30, 2016

wide open windows
for the first time this summer
we shush each other

June 29, 2016

small enough
that it must be from this spring
hedgerow bunny

June 28, 2016

clouds all day
and underneath, a layer
of birdsong

June 27, 2016

rain while we sleep
a few new shades of green
dreams of a fresh start

June 26, 2016

every dune
both playground and pillow
baby foxes

June 25, 2016

summer’s reach
warmth pulsing back from the earth
come such a long way

June 24, 2016

while pretending not to
cats in gardens

June 23, 2016

fallen through
the waves of morning song
grounded baby bird

June 22, 2016

girls at the pool
ignoring a rule or two
true summer

June 21, 2016

after the rain
the sound of it still rushing
under the streets

June 20, 2016

summer solstice
a field full of fireflies
on standby

June 19, 2016

grandmother’s suitcase
a little heavier now
as the trip winds down

June 18, 2016

swimsuits dripping
and flip flops on the stairs —
summer’s percussion

June 17, 2016

an experiment
this wisteria tendril
reaching across space

June 16, 2016

two crows
flinging their cries
further and further

June 15, 2016

homemade lemonade
no extra charge
for gap-toothed grins

June 14, 2016

heads almost touching
we take telescope turns
the stars wink and flirt

June 13, 2016

where we tried
to follow each other’s lead
no more dancers

June 12, 2016

seeds on the sidewalk
waiting on rain to wash them
to someplace better

June 11, 2016

allow me to stay
in the pages of my book
hush now, you crickets!

June 10, 2016

what slipped inside
the doors we forgot to close
almost summer

June 09, 2016

several summers in
we find a rhodedendron
overgrown and shy

June 08, 2016

even with shoes on
I practice reaching up
to hug our teen

June 07, 2016

pre-dawn bird song
full of urgency and need
don’t miss this sunrise

June 06, 2016

I love to wake up
before you open your eyes...
when I’m just a dream

June 05, 2016

these pink clouds
holding the last of the light
I remember you

(in memory of my friend Ann)

June 04, 2016

twin fawns
heads down in the new grass
we look and look

June 03, 2016

she cuts herself
an iris from the garden
single again

June 02, 2016

like a time machine
to the year I was eight
grape jelly

June 01, 2016

looking well past
the surface of the pond
blue heron