September 30, 2018

a tree of starlings
urgently explaining
each to the other

September 29, 2018

moonlight so bright
it throws shadows in the dark —
so clear now, his flaws

September 28, 2018

sparrows, too
seeking a quiet place
out of the wind

September 27, 2018

his first physics test
with no grandfather to share
hard-won answers with

September 26, 2018

another season
another battle with ants —
first frost nowhere in sight

September 25, 2018

road-edge rivers
too wide today for jumping —
we take the long way

September 24, 2018

how like your kisses,
those first few drops of rain!
we hurry our steps

September 23, 2018

raccoon-tossed trash,
our garden in disarray —
let’s look at the moon!

September 22, 2018

he takes home a shirt
from his grandfather's closet —
leaves starting to fall

September 21, 2018

stumbling forward
eyes on the uneven ground
foraging for light

September 20, 2018

approaching full moon —
this world brimming with things
he would have liked

September 19, 2018

he once gave us
a snowday of our own —
early morning moon

September 18, 2018

your breath and mine
the only sounds as we try
to wake only each other

September 17, 2018

autumn passage —
from puddle to puddle
the moon follows me

September 16, 2018

no one alive now
remembers the questions
I asked at bedtime

September 15, 2018

good company
when you don’t want to talk —
crescent moon

September 14, 2018

caught by my headlights —
the flash of a frog’s legs
jumping to safety

September 13, 2018

mid-September —
all of summer dwindling to
just one firefly

September 12, 2018

we walk through the dark
past windows leaking light —
two shadows, touching

September 11, 2018

grateful surrender —
I let my eyes follow you
not caring who sees

September 10, 2018

subtle changes —
the fawns farther away now
their spots fading

September 09, 2018

steady gentle rain —
memories spilling over
the top of the cup

steady gentle rain —
memories spilling over
the top of the cup

September 08, 2018

trading stories —
our words the criss-crossed twigs
that keep the dark at bay

September 07, 2018

duck-under pushes
that felt like swing rocket boosts —
remembering Dad

September 06, 2018

trellis-climbing vines —
our bodies will know the way
without instruction

September 05, 2018

our front yard bunny
shows up in the neighbor’s yard —
thinning autumn grass

September 04, 2018

trees we planted
casting shade on the roof now —
he would have approved

September 03, 2018

cemetery fence
still keeping us out
for the time being

September 02, 2018

first days of autumn —
deep in the flower
just the bee’s tail

September 01, 2018

first morning alone —
straining to see the stars
she knows are still there