June 01, 2010

50 Years

We arrived at my folks' house midday on Saturday
to help put a celebratory feel in their
Golden Anniversary Weekend.
Mr. D disappeared almost immediately...
(you can click on the picture
to embiggen it, if you think that might help)

Look, up in the tree!
It's a bird! It's a plane!
It's Super D!

Here's a closer glimpse,
complete with his newly perfected
"I'm so totally cool" look.

The only thing better than one boy in a tree?
TWO boys!
(Grandpa needing a hand in building
a new, higher tree platform is pretty much
Mr. D's working definition of heaven.)

After dinner we played the tribute video
my sister had so painstakingly crafted.
A big hit, as you can see.

Sunday morning:
"Grandpa gave me his Field Guide to look at."
(Even when he's not in a tree, he's in a tree.)

Remember this game?
(Mr. D remembered the game,
but forgot to pack shirts.
Thus the borrowed extra-large one.)

We are so relaxed and happy
when visiting with Grandpa and Nana.

Even the garden got into the spirit,
offering up the first poppy of the season
as if to say,
50 years is worth celebrating...

(Terri and I will celebrate our 19th
anniversary this coming winter.
Plenty more years to grow on.)