November 30, 2019

fallen leaves
returned whirling to the sky —
when she calls me back

November 29, 2019

a happy space
in place of the alarm —
holiday weekend

November 28, 2019

November 27, 2019

November 26, 2019

noisy guardians —
geese grudgingly allow us
out on their lake

November 25, 2019

a hole in the earth
where the roots used to be —
the father who walked out

November 24, 2019

the sound in the fire
as a burning log shifts —
her name in my mind

November 23, 2019

cold snap —
fields' worth of flower stalks
giving up at last

November 22, 2019

preparing the feast —
I hear my kitchen notes
in my mother’s voice

November 21, 2019

watching for meteors
to the left of Orion —
keep rolling, clouds!

November 20, 2019

fallen leaves
curled into each other —
my hand finds her waist

November 19, 2019

the sound
of the birds I startled
carried through my day

November 18, 2019

November 17, 2019

a hitch in my voice
just before I say “wife” —
braving the cold

the slightest pause
just before I say “wife” —
braving the cold

November 16, 2019

the sun trips up
over the edge of the world —
spilled color everywhere

November 15, 2019

mid-November —
trying to warm my hands
too far from the fire

November 14, 2019

the sound of a stag
crashing through the brush —
my heart racing after

November 13, 2019

the measure of Chopin
our son has been working on —
accompanying me

November 12, 2019

flurried snowflakes
too quick to tongue-catch —
the full moon looks on

November 11, 2019

one night shy of full
the moon encircles herself
with an icy ring

November 10, 2019

almost a full moon —
horses with their winter coats
starting to come in

November 09, 2019

a still small body —
even the trees look away
from the roadside ditch

November 08, 2019

leaves piled high
patiently awaiting
jumping children

November 07, 2019

we make a deal
to tuck each other in —
night folds itself too

November 06, 2019

in your embrace
I feel my clenched heart relax —
acorns on the earth

November 05, 2019

leaves sparkling with frost —
we listen for the sweet sound
of no mosquitos

November 04, 2019

tonight’s alchemy —
a boy with a book in bed
sounding out the words

November 03, 2019

almost a half moon —
how hasty change feels to me
mired in my grief

November 02, 2019

wisteria vine —
still holding on
through longer nights

November 01, 2019