May 31, 2016

business trip
your side of the bed
full of books

May 30, 2016

summer’s first swim
we take turns
holding our breath

May 29, 2016

ash on the garden table
all that remains
of last night’s fireworks

May 28, 2016

still here in my mind
trying to get across
small box turtle

May 27, 2016

unwelcome guest
my path marked
by the hiss of geese

May 26, 2016

peony blossoms
in slow-motion burst
you reach for my hand

May 24, 2016

a string of warm days,
tiny choirs in crescendo
hatched nestlings

May 23, 2016

circles in the grass
where the deer slept last night
I think of old friends

May 21, 2016

rain and sweat
mixing on the way down
spring run dj

May 20, 2016

even as we turn
blinding light still in our eyes
the truth of his death

May 19, 2016

tulips full of sun
for the first day in weeks
our umbrellas stay home

May 18, 2016

not even the rain
can quiet their chatter
sparrows and neighbors

May 17, 2016

late spring
strangers work hard at getting
the baby to wave

May 16, 2016

old wisteria
cut back almost to the ground
climbing high again

May 15, 2016

out of yogurt
no matter how much you’ve bought
life with teenagers

May 14, 2016

late spring
neighborhood dogs testing
the leashes’ limits

May 13, 2016

the long stretch
of our front yard bunny
reaching for clover

May 12, 2016

as green and as pink
as they possibly can
bamboo and azaleas

May 11, 2016

these questions
that skim and bounce

May 10, 2016

library visit
I try to leave with less
than I came with

May 09, 2016

seemingly settled
until a whirl of exodus
flocking birds at dusk

May 08, 2016

Sweater? no sweater?
fingernail moon smiling down
as we flip-flop...

May 07, 2016

bright white clouds
tumbled and piled,
ready for folding

May 06, 2016

May 05, 2016

May 04, 2016

all day drizzle
the worms lose their grip
and drift downstream

May 03, 2016

he gets so close
to the backyard bunny
morning slows to watch

May 02, 2016

the sudden slip
from rooted to undone
weeding after rain

May 01, 2016

May Day
bees come back
signaling trouble

(Revised; thanks to NaHaiWriMo participant Michael Smeer for his perceptive editorial suggestion.)