June 30, 2013


Quaker meeting —
a fly seeking a way out
stirs the silence

June 29, 2013


red-winged blackbird
facing into the wind
calling for its mate

June 28, 2013


keeping track
and then letting go --
birthday candles, stars...

June 27, 2013


almost touching
leaning into the path’s sunlight
black-eyed Susans

June 26, 2013

the water I’m swimming in
feels welcoming

I was on the verge of tears all day. Mostly unexpectedly. There was no way to prepare, emotionally, for the sudden prospect of first class citizenship. We thought this might happen. But when you've worked for so long at guarding against hope...

I made sure to watch Republican leaders responding to the DOMA and PROP8 decisions today with our son. He is almost twelve years old, and he understands the human heart in a way that they cannot, yet.

Looking over at my smart, compassionate, funny, sexy wife, I wonder if I can ever dismantle the airquotes around that word in my own heart.

I am grateful to all those whose work and love have helped bring us this far.

June 25, 2013

Auntie Camp

Doesn't look like a first meeting, does it?
Cousin C has a gift for making friends...
people, dogs, and, apparently... birds!

The girl has skills.

Hot summer day + pool + cousins = awesome.
Proud of these two.

call and response —
the crows leaving less and less
room for each other

June 24, 2013

June 23, 2013

nicotiana to make
room for more blossoms

June 22, 2013

brighter than ever,
June’s full moon at perigree —
we take the back road

Games For Change Festival 2013

Did we have a good time? Take a look at this and tell me what YOU think:

(Here's Miss T play-testing Privilege, the only tabletop game 
at the screen-dominated Festival.)

Miss T and I spent two days in NYC hobnobbing with folks who live at the intersection of games and learning... we had a GREAT time.

There were thought-provoking presentations 
about coordinated transmedia campaigns like Half the Sky.

Here's Miss T playing the extremely creepy Nevermind, which includes a biofeedback element as well as a faceless cat... she had to step away!

We loved Lindsay Grace's talk on the verbs of games.

Here's Miss T explaining some of the finer points of Quandary,
one of the demonstration games we liked the best.

The first night we caught the final preview performance
of Bureau of Missing Persons, which we really enjoyed.

Thanks to AirBnB, we were able to crash in the Village!

Day Two found Miss T checking out the amazing Blindside, a game which depends entirely on audio cues and motion-sensors for its game play. (Thus her closed eyes.) Later in the festival, Miss T had a lovely conversation with the co-creators of the game.

Jesse Schell's closing keynote, here featuring
a Dorothy Parker quote, was entitled
"Sheep, Goats, and the Future of Learning" (link is to his slidedeck);
it was one of my favorites.

No Special Day is complete without ice cream.

And here are your victorious travelers on the train ride home!

(If you're curious about the festival,
check out their site.)

More Django!

 SO curious!

Cuddle time is the best.

June 21, 2013

first night of summer —
in the garden, listening
for mosquitoes

June 20, 2013

choosing a new home —
how well do these windows
admit moonlight?

June 19, 2013

flavors of freedom —
money on my Metro card
sun in the forecast

June 18, 2013

reaching up
for as much rain as they can —
city trees

June 17, 2013

June 16, 2013

again this summer
our pillows damply scented —
lake water

June 15, 2013

distant thunder —
even the woodpecker
stops to listen

June 14, 2013

still more rain —
all day the smell of worms
with nowhere to go

June 13, 2013

each of us
missing the other —
another late night

June 12, 2013

and a fingernail moon —
gifts for every glance

June 11, 2013

slow down,
bird with the long tail feathers —
what do they call you?

June 10, 2013

gentler this time,
today’s rain finds itself
in yesterday’s puddles

June 09, 2013

the sound of yesterday’s storm
not quite finished

June 08, 2013

that the open parking space
is a huge puddle

June 07, 2013

June 06, 2013

watching the sky
as the birds spill across it —
illegible script

June 05, 2013

heading back downstairs
for just a little more 
rhubarb season

June 04, 2013

poison ivy —
somehow victorious
even in defeat

(Inspired by my friend Dave, who vowed last weekend to get the last of the poison ivy out of his yard... and has the arms to show for it.)

June 03, 2013


I spent the day today at a conference by the ocean, about an hour's drive from my home.

It was raining when I left, and I went directly inside to the conference sessions; although I was within easy walking distance of the boardwalk, I never left the hotel again until it was time to return home.

During the course of the day I spoke with many people, both old friends and strangers... one woman who I had never met before mentioned that she lived with her sister. This gave me a lovely excuse to reminisce about my own time of living with my sister, and to remember how much fun we had with that.

You and your sister get along well, then? I asked, in an almost rhetorical way.

Actually, she said, we didn't get along at all for a really long time. At one point it was so bad we couldn't even stand to be in the same room together. When I told my mother we were moving in together, she couldn't keep herself from saying, "Are you sure that's a good idea?"

But it was a good idea, and somehow both sisters knew it.

I'm sorry that I missed the ocean, but glad that I had the presence of mind to make a little room in my reminiscing for someone else's very different story.

a pair of rabbits
nosing their way
across the yard

June 02, 2013

Meet Django

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled haiku to bring you your first glimpse of our soon-to-be newest member of the family...

Mr. D has been waiting a long time for this. This dapper fellow is a Jardine parrot, and he'll likely be coming home to us sometime in early August. Until then we have to content ourselves with visits.

We think he's quite handsome and clever. But we're also clearly already biased. :-D

making yesterday
seem quiet —
today’s woodpecker

June 01, 2013

after the fireworks —
trying to keep those sparks
alive as I walk