May 31, 2020

attacking the ivy
before it gets to the house —
roots too deep to dig

May 30, 2020

cedar waxwings
and the berries they love —
anything to look up

May 29, 2020

I kneel on the ground
to cheer on my seedlings —
four tiny leaves each

May 28, 2020

our front yard bunny
delicately mowing down
a line of clover

May 27, 2020

just two days of work
and the new nest is ready —
robins at our door

May 26, 2020

everyday grief —
stars that grow brighter
as we look away

May 25, 2020

dead tree —
a warbler on a high branch
sings in the sun

May 24, 2020

figuring out
which way is up —
seeds underground

May 23, 2020

rain in the bamboo
and on the small heads
of just-hatched wrens

May 22, 2020

intersecting orbits —
the stranger whose morning walk
crosses with mine

May 21, 2020

wanting the bluejay
to stop being a bully —
our uphill fights

May 20, 2020

a wide open sky
over all the things
we’re not doing

May 19, 2020

sorry, cicadas!
the hole was for spring planting
go on back to sleep

May 18, 2020

a male catbird
singing every song he knows
and still she flies by

May 17, 2020

bright surprise —
the seeds we planted
unfolding skyward

May 16, 2020

halfway up the rock
both directions seeming hard —
the ache of holding fast

May 15, 2020

springing up at the edges
of our uncut lawns

May 14, 2020

hatching day —
goslings making their way
down to the water

May 13, 2020

treetops caught
in the last sun of the day —
all that is out of reach

(photo by @sacarlavoz)

May 12, 2020

first walk of the year
without a jacket —
I tell the birds about it

May 11, 2020

May 10, 2020

nights still too cold
to leave the seedlings outside —
indoor lullabies

May 09, 2020

walking my letter
to the post office
longing in every step

May 08, 2020

I try a new path
and wind up by the lake —
downhill’s gentle tug

May 07, 2020

blue robin’s egg
turned empty side up —
we fill in the space

May 06, 2020

a cardinal couple
checking in with each other
across the garden

May 05, 2020

jealously racing
to reach full bloom first —
azaleas and the moon

May 04, 2020

pain pills
even forgotten in my pocket
still do the trick

May 03, 2020

under a low cloud
we wake to signs of rain —
somewhere a door slams

May 02, 2020

stooping to visit
buttercups and spring beauties
we stand up too fast

May 01, 2020