September 17, 2005

After Naps

After Naps
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While staying at Chris & Claire's house during the Solheim Cup, I luxuriated in a nap on their very comfy livingroom couch.

When I woke up, the light was at exactly the right angle to float this grid of golden squares on the wall. By the time I put my camera away, the image was gone.

September 02, 2005

Last day of being three

Last day of being three
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Today is Dominic's last day of being three. And it's also the last day of his room being beige. You gotta respect progress.

September 01, 2005

I dream of a leader I would gladly follow

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you had a leader who led like this?

In the absence of the reality, I will continue to dream.

Bush's contention yesterday that "no one anticipated the breakdown of the levees," is nothing short of criminally obtuse. See, for example, the October 2004 issue of National Geographic, which predicted this disaster with unerring -- and now, devastating -- accuracy.

If you're too far away to help in person, please consider helping those who will be helping in person:

Second Harvest
Red Cross
Rainbow Fund
On-line Auction to support relief efforts
Feed the Children
Habitat for Humanity