July 31, 2019

front yard bunny
flicking her ears just so
as the rain begins

July 30, 2019

sparrows springing
from one low branch to the next —
chasing summer shade

July 29, 2019

cut flowers 
drying in the sun —
wisps of birthday wishes

July 28, 2019

morning evidence
of the storm we slept through —
flowers standing up

July 27, 2019

unwinding vines
to feel the branches spring free —
something in me lets go

July 26, 2019

after the sunset photo
a panicked sprint away from
the mosquito cloud

July 25, 2019

trees by the river
dangling their leaves
in reflected sky

July 24, 2019

just one more dive, Dad! 
trying to stay in the pool —
summer soundtrack

July 23, 2019

in the space 
between crows calling
the rain begins

July 22, 2019

front yard bunny
out here wilting
with the rest of us

July 21, 2019

the sound of moths
off the window screens

July 20, 2019

in the basement
escaping ferocious heat
we remember blizzards

July 19, 2019

queer women
seeking each other out —
mid-summer heat wave

July 18, 2019

the loneliness
of a single firefly —
waning moon heat wave

July 17, 2019

feeling my heart clench
with each crack of thunder —
flowers rejoicing

July 16, 2019

reading the map wrong
but getting home anyway —
second marriage

July 15, 2019

campfire by moonlight —
the girl at the next site over
likes my stories

July 14, 2019

waxing July moon —
memories of him bright enough
to cast a shadow

July 13, 2019

summer dusk waiting
for that last little brown bird
to finish its song

July 12, 2019

July afternoon —
at the crook of my elbow
an inchworm’s tickle

July 11, 2019

the children skip ahead —
for a moment the world
lifts with them

July 10, 2019

eyeing the horizon
but still heading back to shore —
kayak calculus

July 09, 2019

sun-dazzled pond
throwing its blues to the sky —
summer invocation

July 08, 2019

mourning doves at dusk
singing the sun to sleep —
our talk turns to parents

July 07, 2019

playing hide and seek
with a half moon in these pines —
stars choosing up sides

July 06, 2019

sparrows at the park
inching closer and closer —
hopping and hoping

twin fawns nursing all spots and wagging tails new summer sunshine

Yes, it's that time of year again... we are heeding the call of the great outdoors! You can leave us messages in the comments below (although we probably won't read them until we get back), or, even better...

If you're reading this between July 7th and July 16th, here's your big chance to make our day at camp!

Call the North of Highland Camping Area office and ask the very nice folks there to leave us a note on the camp message board, which is also a big thrill. That number (good from July 7th through the 16th or so) is 508/ 487-1191, and office hours are pretty much all day with the exception of meal breaks from noon-1pm and again from 6-7pm. Folks who leave us messages go DIRECTLY to the top of my postcard-writing list. #JustSayin

(The message board at camp on a good day)

Even if you don't have a chance to send a message our way, we know we can count on you to send warm and sunny thoughts... right? And a special thanks to the excellent neighbors who are keeping watch on our little house until we get back.

(I'll still be writing at least one haiku each day,
but won't be able to post them while we're gone.
Watch this space for "haiku-palooza" 
once we return!)

July 05, 2019

late night watering
vinca and moonshadow
drinking it in

July 04, 2019

independence day —
building a chosen family
when the first one fails

July 03, 2019

red-winged blackbird —
knowing our song sounds broken
and singing anyway

Photo: CountryMouse13, Flickr

July 02, 2019

new summer haircuts —
the girl I met at Pride
invites me home

July 01, 2019

finding the ocean
in a field of tall grass
on a windy day