March 31, 2016

last year’s nests
only visible
until the leaves come

March 30, 2016

blurring the spot
where the sun hits first  
green beginnings

March 29, 2016

our daffodils bloom
while I’m still rooting around
for my garden gloves

this wind’s instructions
we take our winter coats out
for a final spin

March 27, 2016

Easter eggs
the beautiful sink swirl
of dye when we’re done

March 26, 2016

scent of onion grass
and the light of your smile
first truly warm day

March 25, 2016

morning bird choir
trying to sound as if
they never left

March 24, 2016

we walk the path
pushing turtles off their logs
with just our presence

March 23, 2016

this crow, then that
their slow morning battle
for the last word

March 22, 2016

buds encased in ice
for just a moment the world
seems to spin backwards

March 21, 2016

dimmed to shades of grey
without his commentary
basketball season

(We miss you, Grampy.)

March 20, 2016

melting as it fell
still falling in my mind  —
one last snowflake

March 19, 2016

March 18, 2016

after the storm
trails become tributaries
we walk anyway

(HT Barbara Chepaitis)

March 17, 2016

mid-March rain
breaks in the clouds
filling with song

March 16, 2016

crosstown errand
geese honking in traffic
as I take my bike

March 15, 2016

red-winged blackbird
longing to be known
for its song

March 14, 2016

how quickly
flowers raise their heads again
after the storm

March 13, 2016

splitting the day
into before and after
red flash of cardinal

March 12, 2016

so confident!
this robin, piping along
with no sun in sight

March 11, 2016

nose down, tail up
a fox! crossing the field
speed-reading the night

March 10, 2016

awake with a start
from a dream about you
spring comes rushing in

March 09, 2016

making room
for the names of birds
while forgetting stars

March 08, 2016

at last she begins
to forget everything
she has lost

March 07, 2016

spring’s first ladybug
walking gingerly as if
unsure of the earth

March 06, 2016

frost and ice
the grass crunching underfoot
and stlll the birds sing

March 05, 2016

icy wind
we forget and forget
how cold it can be

March 04, 2016

puddles and mud
where this morning’s snow fell
I try to remember

March 03, 2016

dormant azaleas
the perfect hiding spot
then a whir of wings!

March 02, 2016

heavy overhead
at the low point of the line —
this turkey vulture

March 01, 2016

morning half moon
your top button
almost undone