February 28, 2011

New Stories

(image via splityarn of Flickr fame)

Thinking that the person
who was calling
was you,
I dove right in
with endearments.
But she was calling about
some mail that
had gone wrong.
She was not you.
Was, in fact,
a complete stranger
with whom we share
a house number,
though not a street.

We got it all untangled:
the mail at her house
meant to be at ours,
the words in my mouth
meant for you.

And now,
both of our families
have stories
about me
for a moment,
with such tender devotion...
to her.

February 11, 2011

A Changed World

Planting Democracy in Tahrir Square
by @CarlosLatuff

(Click on the image to see it full-size,
then once more for a "size to window" version.)

(Looking back, our years of talking with our son about
what makes a good leader good,
and a bad leader bad,
seem now like a preface for today.)

February 02, 2011

My Snow Day

The latest storm knocked yet another limb down into our front yard, and this one took out our FIOS line in the process. What's a girl with no cable, no internet, and no landline to do?

Bake, of course!

Almond Kuchen, inspired by my Oma.
Not as good as hers, yet, but still.

(FIOS was out for two days,

and the limb is likely to be there

for quite a while to come. Sigh.)

February 01, 2011

Perfect Storm

Here's one boy's recipe for a perfect snowday:

1) Roll out of bed and go directly to Lego heaven. (Note inside-out pajama shirt, which helped ensure that the snowday was ON.)

2) Round up some neighborhood boys for a massive snowfort build.

3) Finish up with some review of human anatomy with a good friend in a cozy spot (heat duct + comforter = super cozy!). And yes, the book really is that big.

(Stay tuned for MY idea
of a perfect snow day...)