March 26, 2011

A New Car!

Well, new to us, anyway!

The thing is, Tama really doesn't like car shopping, whereas I enjoy it. So she does all the research, comes up with a few makes/models she likes, and then it's my job to close the deal. This time, the car I liked best ended up being in MD, which presented some challenges... especially since I wanted to keep its arrival a secret right up until the last minute.

So... this is how last weekend went:

DRK & I hide my car in a nearby lot and
snag a ride from a friend (thanks again, Maggie!)
to the train station, whereupon we catch a train to BWI.

At one point during the ride, Tama calls to check in,
thinking that we're DRIVING down to MD.
I tell her Mr. D is fast asleep and hang up in a hurry!

My dear college friend and roommate A.
and her fab partner C. scoop us up
and bring us to Chez Feld,
where we learn the cost of running behind schedule...
those used to be chicken skewers,
which my sister thoughtfully
left in the oven to "warm" in anticipation
of our arrival. Ooops.

Our birthday present to cousin T is much appreciated...

... as is our hangout time with the Feldinis.

Then, when we get back home, we tell Tama
we have something to show her that
"looks better in natural light."
When she comes outside and sees no trace
of my car, she knows something's up...
and then we give her the good news!

Now THIS is what I call a happy ending!

(It's a 2007 VW Rabbit,
manual transmission,
with HEATED SEATS, people!
You'd be grinning, too.)