October 31, 2019

listening for the wind
as we count our candy —
tornado warning

October 30, 2019

foggy morning —
my heart mistakes a stranger
for my first love

October 29, 2019

walking through a cloud
mist in our hair and hands —
jewels everywhere

October 28, 2019

when I could hear
but not yet see the river —
love’s beginning

October 27, 2019

October 26, 2019

after the rain —
gently moving earthworms
back into the grass

October 25, 2019

geese calling out
their thanks to the wild blue —
my pounding heart, too

October 24, 2019

in full view
now that the leaves have fallen —
nests from last spring

October 23, 2019

sunlight beginning
to overtake starlight —
leaning into love

October 22, 2019

is a corn stalk
in the midst of a wheat field
just a weed?

October 21, 2019

no more searching
for his birthday present —
empty October

October 20, 2019

to be shushed by the river —
fall’s last few crickets

October 19, 2019

favorite part
of my art show photo
your reflection

October 18, 2019

my father taught me
that we could see the wind —
whitecaps on the river

October 17, 2019

watching our big boy
grow into his gifts —
tall grass gone to seed

October 16, 2019

fallen ginkgo leaves
shining their golden light
back up to the sky

October 15, 2019

almost time
to see our breath again
cold autumn morning

October 14, 2019

miles apart
we remind each other
to look at the moon

October 13, 2019

autumn Saturday —
we toss our neighbor’s ball
back over the fence

October 12, 2019

easier to see
now that some leaves have fallen —
the almost-full moon

October 11, 2019

whether we’re watching, 
whether it’s day or night —
stars and their confident shine

October 10, 2019

poke berries
bursting with poisonous ink —
the words I won’t write

October 09, 2019

bees in the orchard
and the sweet smell of cider —
I whisper your name

October 08, 2019

bedtime stories —
turning back to the first page
one more time

October 07, 2019

early autumn —
summer’s bug bites
still itching

October 06, 2019

sometimes I kiss her
just to feel that sudden drop
you know the one

October 05, 2019

casting a line out
to where I’ll be
when the moon is full

October 04, 2019

potatoes waiting
for someone to pull back 
a layer of earth

October 03, 2019

early fall evening —
we and the garden
listening for rain

October 02, 2019

October 01, 2019