April 30, 2018

every white blossom
bringing out the blue
in her eyes

April 29, 2018

April 28, 2018

rain and more rain —
somewhere underneath it all
a seed is making plans

April 27, 2018

curtain call —
already fallen blossoms 
crowding the curb

April 26, 2018

ready for shadows —
the moon sneaks all the way
past the tallest tree

April 25, 2018

petals plastered
to every damp surface —
I think about you

April 24, 2018

the gaze of a fox
piercing and pinning me
to the curve of this world

April 23, 2018

I make myself
a cave of down-hanging willow —
will she come find me?

April 22, 2018

an old cedar tree
center-split by the storm —
we can’t stop looking

April 21, 2018

printing your name
and then adding mine —
hospital forms

April 20, 2018

spring morning —
the breeze carries with it
a lamb’s first cry

April 19, 2018

big spoon, little spoon —
we fall soundly asleep
without meaning to

April 18, 2018

finally some spring leaves —
I hear the sparrow
before I see it

April 17, 2018

seeds announcing
their safe landing spots —
our unplanned flowers

April 16, 2018

all the way home
we cast spells by naming blossoms —
pear, forsythia...

April 15, 2018

open to the freezing rain —
my day of regrets

April 14, 2018

afternoon walk —
even the hint of a bud
stops us in our tracks

April 13, 2018

walking outside
with no thought of a coat —
strangers trade smiles

April 12, 2018

children’s upturned faces
chatting on the walk to school —
blossoms everywhere

April 11, 2018

faith in spring
our open windows
inviting birdsong

April 10, 2018

neighborhood creek —
even my best dams
were temporary

April 08, 2018

busy sparrows
jumping from branch to branch
seeking a warm spot

April 07, 2018

pussywillow —
I can’t keep from touching
her new spring haircut

April 06, 2018

unexpected loss —
a crow on the high, dead branch
looking the wrong way

(for KS, in memoriam)

April 05, 2018

when the sun comes out
and all we can think of
is each other

April 04, 2018

on the road again —
the air, the sky, shot through with
unfamiliar songs

April 03, 2018

empty spaces
where the buds should be —
our storm-broken trees

April 02, 2018

running a bath
as the temperature falls —
last snow before spring

April 01, 2018

briefly slowed
by the bowl of my hands —
spring rainwater