June 30, 2019

leftover sunshine
still warming the back of my neck —
last day of June

June 29, 2019

unwinding ivy
from a half-choked spirea —
her hair after braids

unwinding ivy
from a half-choked spirea —
her hair after braids

June 28, 2019

But I just got here!
(my father’s words when the nurse
brought me out to him)

June 27, 2019

after our walk
fireflies still signaling —
even in dreams

June 26, 2019

we walk barefoot
so our toes, at least, are cool —
fireflies drifting up

(for J.D.)

June 25, 2019

gone-to-seed grass
tipped with the first sun in days —
when I make her laugh

June 24, 2019

anklets of itch
where fleas jumped up to —
summer memory

June 23, 2019

just the two of us
building chords out of echoes —
private hotel pool

June 22, 2019

solstice fawn still
where her mother said to wait —
I mow half the lawn

June 21, 2019

June three-quarter moon —
so bright we think we can see
still longer days ahead

June 20, 2019

mid June
each day a little longer  —
babies learning to smile

June 19, 2019

last days of high school —
the flowers we just planted
beaten down by rain

June 18, 2019

wading through
creeks that appeared just today —
Father’s Day

June 17, 2019

last season’s bulbs
in garden holes we dug today —
sweet like picture books

June 16, 2019

each hop
a little higher than the last —
eaglets learn to fly

June 15, 2019

seven years later
once I’d forgotten to hope —
magnolia blossoms

June 14, 2019

understudy —
hydrangea filling in
for the tree that fell

June 13, 2019

our boy brags
that his parents don’t fight —
we take turns smiling

June 12, 2019

piercing dawn —
the eagle consumes the world
just by looking

June 11, 2019

this year’s goslings
still fuzzy around the edges —
spring dance at the middle school

June 10, 2019

seeing the fox,
I feel my heart tick up a beat —
even in memory

June 09, 2019

windy summer day —
I hear my father saying
the backs of the leaves mean rain

June 08, 2019

someone else’s jokes
remind our boy of grandpa —
almost Father’s Day

(h/t @LittleOnion)

June 07, 2019

at the back of my throat —
another dad story

June 06, 2019

we spend all morning
beating back bamboo he planted —
inheritance tax

June 05, 2019

June 04, 2019

lake’s edge —
blue herons tiptoeing through
the space between clouds

June 03, 2019

young love —
trying to follow the barn swallows
as they dip and glide

June 02, 2019

a flash of blue
crisply edged in white
as the jay takes off

June 01, 2019

nodding peonies —
I reach for your hand
and they approve