June 30, 2017

last night in June
the always unfinished search
of lighting bugs

June 29, 2017

slow-pulling into July
thankful for trees and their
sheltering patience

June 28, 2017

in the space where his goodnight
usually goes

June 27, 2017

cut down in stages
leaving sunshine as she goes
our oldest tree

June 26, 2017

this cricket’s trill
last night a welcome
now somehow a warning

June 25, 2017

after the rain
small streams seeking each other
our fingers entwine

June 24, 2017

pulling through each day
cradling small victories
a shy child’s greeting

June 23, 2017

you in the doorway
and me, willing you to stay
wisteria tendrils

June 22, 2017

our eyes work
at connecting the dots
late night fireflies

June 21, 2017

come to bed
your limbs cool against mine
lake water in summer

June 20, 2017

summer solstice
the lifeguard fishes out
a few floating petals

June 19, 2017

puddles full
of the day’s last light
my father calls me

June 18, 2017

oh, mourning dove
stay for just a moment more
sing your low song

June 17, 2017

still hidden
by the near-to-finished rain — 
a cardinal, singing

June 16, 2017

unwinding ivy
from around the azalea — 
remember to breathe

June 15, 2017

hurling the last word
I catch a glimpse of myself
in the mirror

June 14, 2017

there are few things
more beautiful
than a running fox

June 13, 2017

looking for you
I find instead a summer moon
as you might see it

June 12, 2017

when I see one finch
I know to look for another —

June 11, 2017

I move an earthworm
from the sidewalk to the grass
summertime rescue

June 10, 2017

late-night walk in June
we take turns exclaiming
over the fireflies

June 09, 2017

we have to look twice
to believe they go together
tiny bird, huge song

June 08, 2017

moonlight and starlight
my hand under the faucet
testing the water

June 07, 2017

little fledgling jay
down here on Earth with me
pining for sky

June 06, 2017

early June flowers
jostling for a good look
at the sun

June 05, 2017

a mother somewhere
reminding the moon it’s late
to still be up

June 04, 2017

fallen petals
strewn like a celebration
no need for clean up

June 03, 2017

standing on the bridge
balanced between fireworks
and their reflection

June 02, 2017

something in bloom
slows our steps with its scent
a half-moon hovers

June 01, 2017