February 28, 2019

February 27, 2019

waiting for the sound
of her key in the lock
the click of us

February 26, 2019

late night fox
flowing over the field
we hold our breath

February 25, 2019

ruffled feathers
sparrows chirring their complaints
into the wind

February 24, 2019

the dogwood tree
we thought might be dead
how sweet to be wrong

February 23, 2019

all that my father taught me
spiraling down and out
one long apple peel

February 22, 2019

eye appointment
the edges I’ve lost
come back

February 21, 2019

February 20, 2019

piled up in drifts
all my little snow day
to do lists

February 19, 2019

low moon cross-hatched
with the black and bare limbs
of winter trees

February 18, 2019

the sky and the lake
saying good morning again
geese caught in the middle

February 17, 2019

a fat robin hops
to the balcony railing
our talk turns to spring

February 16, 2019

after the big win
no grandfathers left
to share the news with

February 15, 2019

the wind tonight is warm
the deer lift their heads

February 14, 2019

rivulets running
as the ice and snow melt
streets full of starlight

February 13, 2019

a sudden squall
of big unruly snowflakes
the fawn’s spots gone dancing

February 12, 2019

ice then snow then ice
our travels made visible
as we break on through

February 11, 2019

half full or half gone
which story is this moon
trying to tell me?

February 10, 2019

again this morning
sunlight picks apart the stitches
knit by last night’s cold

February 09, 2019

bitter cold
my thoughts retreat
to the curve of the Cape

February 08, 2019

job security
they ask me to take out
the stinkbug

February 07, 2019

late night walk
the line between rain and cloud

February 06, 2019

where have you gone?
every puddle overflows
with winter rain

February 05, 2019

falling asleep
we pull up one more blanket
snow in the forecast

February 04, 2019

the man just ahead
leaves behind a clump
of cigar smoke

February 03, 2019

the ice-rimmed lake
closing in on itself
dad reviews his will

February 02, 2019

near Gate C7
a small flock of sparrows
unexpected flight

February 01, 2019

birds of paradise
collecting rain from the wind
each one its own world