August 31, 2016

last August day
a small dog flops on her back
patiently waiting

August 30, 2016

August 28, 2016

lap swimming
every breath accompanied
by cicada song

late August
my day detours around a
suspended spider

August 27, 2016

where the road’s edge
begins to crumble away

August 26, 2016

boys standing closer
to their fathers than before
to show they’re taller

August 25, 2016

dry August grass
just beginning
to crunch underfoot

August 24, 2016

our feet on their way
without conscious instruction
late night ice cream

August 23, 2016

mallard calculus
planning escape, choosing
whether to fly

August 22, 2016

settling down
the dog and I
take turns sighing

August 21, 2016

stopping and starting
we and the rain work it out
who leads, who follows

August 20, 2016

bright yellow goldfinch
swooping across our morning

August 19, 2016

holding a baby
she wonders again about
her grandmother name

August 18, 2016

tuning in
to how he leans away now
teenager’s goodnight

August 17, 2016

late summer morning
watching the rain as it strides
the length of the lake

August 16, 2016

Tuesday night
we chase the mosquito
that was chasing us

August 15, 2016

late summer sun
the shadow of a bird moves
on my bedroom wall

August 14, 2016

August 13, 2016

Look at all these hearts
splitting wide: what if? what now?
(Luke Wynne Gallagher)

August 12, 2016

the spot where the fox
looked at me
still warm

August 11, 2016

the taller trees
stretch in anticipation
Perseid showers

August 10, 2016

siblings already flown,
the last fledgling jay
pleads with its mother

August 09, 2016

after we forgot
what kind of plant they gave us
one small strawberry

August 08, 2016

windy day walk
we end up repeating
the hard parts again

August 07, 2016

a competition
between these blades of grass
who can catch more light?

August 06, 2016

August 05, 2016

dusk rolling in
a flock of sparrows
chooses a new tree

August 04, 2016

against this pink sky
a spider checks her web
just dew for breakfast

August 03, 2016

waking at midday
and trying not to feel
the lost sunshine

August 02, 2016

festival music
wriggles free and floats
towards our home

August 01, 2016

late summer weeding
he decides which photos
are worth packing up